Sad Cartoon About Magic in Real Life

The Illusionist - the story of wizard

“The Illusionist” (2010)

There’s no unnecessary chatter in this cartoon. The heroes in it barely talk. It also has no dizzying plot.

A girl gets attached to a lonely old illusionist. She believes he’s a real wizard. The hero only has to admit that wizards don’t exist. But this statement is more than a statement of obvious fact.

He gave his whole life to the profession, but this kind of devotion played a bad joke on him. The film starts with the illusionist entering the stage after the performance of a rock band and seeing an empty hall in front of him (only a couple of retired people remained in their seats, but they probably just didn’t have time to run away).

The cartoon is just as beautiful as it is sad. Its creator is French director Sylvain Chomet, known for his paintings “The Triplets of Belleville” and “The Old Lady and the Pigeons” (this short film leaves a very ambiguous but strong aftertaste). All three works by Sylvain Chomet were nominated for an Academy Award in 1998, 2004, and 2011.

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