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Searching for Nursery Decor Ideas? Read about Budget Ways to Decorate a Nursery in This Blog

The nursery must be filled with magic and a fairy tale, so that children can have fun and comfortably spend time in it, but it is also necessary not to forget about the important points of keeping the room in a good and beautiful form. First of all, we need to talk about the order in the children’s room. Consider simple ways to keep clean and tidy and ideas of baby nursery decor:

Labeling stickers

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Try using multi-colored labeling stickers. They can be glued to cabinets, bedside tables, and boxes with children’s things and toys. Thanks to this, you and your baby will know where everything is situated and will not get confused. As your child grows up, he/she will begin to put things and toys in their places, looking at the colored stickers with pictures. These nursery decor ideas will help instill in your kid cleanliness and a sense of order. For dads, this decor can also be useful. This will help to save time when he needs to prepare the child for a walk.

For older children there is also some baby decorating ideas for nursery, you can purchase slate stickers, which they can place themselves wherever they want. You can write and draw on them with markers. Attach them to cabinets and dressers, containers, boxes, toy boxes, sign what is stored in them. Cleaning up after games or a big wash will be quick and fun.


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The garland is one of the most beautiful decorations from all babies’ nursery decorating ideas because it can create a magical atmosphere in the room. You can use paper, cardboard, fabric, electric, or ribbon garlands. An excellent creative solution would be to hang a garland on the wall with ribbons of beautiful flowers hanging down, matched to the color of the children’s room.

Exhibition of children’s drawings and photos

babies nursery decorating ideas

For any child who enjoys being creative, it is very important that adults appreciate their drawings and crafts. I want to offer you another creative baby nursery decoration idea from my list. To do this, you can make a simple device for the exhibition of children’s drawings – this is a 15-minute lesson. But the effect of them is stunning, both for the child’s self-esteem and for his personal space.

Use any wooden or plastic sticks, clothespins, strings, empty picture frames. Glue the clamps to the sticks, and nail the sticks to the wall. The child will be able to hang his works of art on them and will delight himself and his family. Also, you can use these baby nursery picture decorating ideas to decorate baby pictures.

Night light

baby nursery decoration ideas

There is one other interesting thing, which is not entirely related to baby nursery decorations, but I think it should definitely be included in the list. Buying a beautiful and interesting night light will give your child a feeling of comfort at night if he is afraid to sleep in the dark, as many people do. You can go to the hardware store and choose the night light that your baby likes. It can be desktop or outdoor, the choice is very large. With such a cool device, the baby will fall asleep soundly and will no longer be afraid.

Vinyl stickers

baby nursery decorating ideas

It’s a budget-friendly and creative way to quickly decorate any room. Now you can buy or order stickers of any color, shape, and size. It is very easy and simple to transfer them to the wall, you just need to choose a suitable place in advance, peel the sticker off the paper and stick it on the wall. There are even such babies decorations for the nursery in the form of stars and planets, that glow in the dark, this can be a good alternative to a night light.

A wall on which you can draw with crayons

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To protect the walls of the room from the colorful masterpieces of the child, I can give you some nursery tips. You can use an alternative – a wall on which you can draw with crayons. There are vinyl stickers with a special coating on which you can draw with crayons, you can also buy special paint for slate boards and paint a “wall for crayons” of any size, and if you add one that creates a magnetic layer to this paint, you can attach magnets. How do you like these baby decorations for the nursery?

Stylish highchair

babies decorations for nursery

Furniture is one of the important components of a child’s room. It doesn’t have to be boring and monochrome at all and can be turned into one of the baby nursery decor ideas. Therefore, we propose to slightly restore the chair and use it as one of the decorative elements.

Necessary materials:

• one-color highchair;

• masking tape;

• scissors;

• acrylic paints;

• brushes;

• woolen threads in several shades.

First, paint the seat of the chair in any color you like, and then proceed to the legs of the chair. Use a variety of colors and paint techniques. Be sure to add details. You can make beautiful pom-poms from threads and attach them to the back of the chair so that they dangle beautifully on the sides, or you can connect the pom-poms to each other and put them on the chair seat like a soft rug. You can use these baby nurseries decorating ideas to decorate other furniture in the apartment, the baby will be very happy.

Unusual use of common things

A children’s room is a place where fantasy lives. Don’t limit it!

Toy cars or other plastic toys can be original handles for a dresser or wardrobe.

Buttons can come in handy not only on clothes.

And you can put pens and pencils in the cupcake pan.

Painting the walls

baby nursery decor ideas

I want to throw you a few more decor nursery ideas for painting a child’s room. Make it beautiful, magical in a nice color palette, and interesting. To paint the walls, use various prints, geometric shapes in the form of circles, triangles, rhombuses, or images of animals and characters from your child’s favorite cartoon. You can also use gold, silver, or metallic shades, they will sparkle very nicely at the sun lights.

Don’t neglect your windows

It is very important to get the right window finishes. This is not a design choice – it is a safety issue. I would like to give you a few nursery decorating tips. Install blackout curtains or heavy blinds in the nursery. This will help your baby sleep longer and more comfortably. More importantly, it will prevent the room from overheating during the day and ensure a pleasant time in the room.

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