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Secret Codes for Kids: Secret Writing to Try at Home or with Your Students

spy codes for kids

Writing ciphers for kids is a fun and easy way to experiment with home learning!

Codes and ciphers are a way to keep information secret. These methods have been used for thousands of years. Using ciphers for kids is a fun way to write messages. Your kids will get a kick out of it. How fun was it to write a note to a friend in code and be able to pass secretive information between you. Here we will talk about a few different methods you can try with your kiddos. Kids’ text codes these days can range from the most simple to tricky and complex. There is a new trend these days, where parents are getting their kids to start coding. If you are interested in going to the next level with it, you can find many free programs online for kids, as well as non-profit organizations for kids. Let’s start with the basics, here are some great examples of how to use spy codes for kids.

writing code for kids

One way of writing code for kids could be as simple as writing in reverse. For example; have a fun day could be written like “!yad nuf a evah.” I have to say even though this one is relatively simple, it’s still fun to figure out. Kids will for sure get a kick out of it.

Leaving secret messages for kids is a wonderful way to keep them activated and engaged. When they understand another level of problem-solving, it boosts their confidence. Try a secret coding method, where you read every second letter of a sentence. Fill with arbitrary letters in between your secret message. For example, have a fun day could be written like “khianvoe ja rfoumn edwapy.” This task will take your kiddos a little more time to figure out, but once they have it down pat, they will feel super sneaky. I’m sure they will be psyched to try it out on their peers.

kids text codes

I have to say once you get them going, kids text codes very well. Try engaging your child today with some codes around the house. It’s a wonderful exercise for their brains to try and understand something new and foreign. The act of taking something they are familiar with, like letters, and just mixing it up a bit will catch them off guard and keep them on their toes. For the next example, take a look at the picture below. This method is called Pig Pen, start by drawing two grids and inputting the alphabet. For the spare letters of the alphabet try using a diagonal grid. Then make a language from each form that is drawn next to that specific letter. Use symbols like dots or stars to distinguish between similar shapes. Before setting out to write a whole letter with this one, perhaps start by practicing your names first!

secret code for kids

Children’s codes are a perfect way to introduce the concept of problem-solving. As we all know, even as an adult managing the jigsaw of daily life is not always easy. I always wished my parents had introduced my brother and me to problem-solving earlier. It’s a skill that has endless research and there is always room for improvement. With these secret codes for kids, make sure of course to include a key! You don’t want to leave your recipient in the dark. That way they can unlock your secret message. There is a multitude of reasons why to start introducing problem-solving to your kids. For children to understand that it is okay to fail, will set them up to be explorers, not followers. Not being afraid to fail is a huge factor in problem-solving. Having a greater understanding of investigative thinking will boost their creativity and flexibility. I cannot speak enough about encouraging flexible thinking with children. It’s a gate to artistry and broad thinking, that will take them far!

Have a go yourself, and read about codes for kids. Try deciphering some codded puzzles together with your child. Either make your own or just try one you see here! If you’re interested in creating your own. Start by writing out the alphabet and exchanging each letter with a symbol of your liking. From there use the key to your code to write secretive messages. Making an alternative language is a fun and creative use of your time, go for it today!

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