Show Your Kiddos How to Mix Primary Colors: Make a Fun Activity Out of It

teaching color activities

Colour mixing for kids

The other day I made some artwork for the walls of our house. I was actually surprised that sometimes it can be hard to get the exact color you want. Knowing certain ratios can definitely aid in getting the exact color you need, and of course (everyone’s problem) getting enough of it! How many times have you started a project and ran out of the exact color you fell in love with?! Utterly disappointing as I feel I can never replicate the same color exactly! So let’s talk about the basics of color mixing. First off, the number one rule is this is going to get messy so already rid yourself of your adult caution! Letting the kiddos guide the activities is always a stronger learning experience for them. Everything you need for this activity you will probably have at home already, you can use recycled containers or egg cartons for the mixing! Absolutely no need to go out and buy containers to put your paint in. I’m all about reusing what you got at home and recycling wherever you can. Let them learn as they mix!

Colour mixing experiment

color mixing activities for preschool

Prepare yourself with lots of different recycled containers. They can start by taking one color and playing with all the options with that one color. For example, they can take red, and put that same color of paint into multiple different containers. From there they can add different types of colors to each container to understand how many different hues that one color can have! For fun have your kiddos name the colors as they go, you never know what creative ideas they might come up with! For example, there have to be hundreds of different ways to describe magenta.

Primary colours definition for kids

Explain to your kiddos, that there are three primary colors that they can use as a base for any color. Which are; yellow, red and blue! From there they can add one or multiple colors to their mix and see where they go. Let them go wild and see how long it takes until they arrive at the color brown!

Colour mixing activities for preschool

Start by just opening up your paints in a covered area, like your dinner table covered with old newspapers. Start mixing paint together and allow your kids to enjoy the wonders and magic of science and art!

Here are some ideas that work great for colour exploration

primary colors definition for kids
  • Try stamping fruits and veggies in paint and printing them on paper. Play with primary or mixed colours. Allow your kid to dip into a few colours before they make their print. In order to comprehend the beginning of colour mixing.
  • Take out a few jars and fill each one with water. Then with either an eye dropper or spoon pour little spurts of food colouring into each jar. Mix and match your colours to see what kind of combinations you can produce. If you don’t have an eyedropper on hand, you can use a turkey baster!
  • Take a zip lock sandwich bag, fill with two different colours of paint, and then enjoy watching them mix it together between their cute little fingers. Make sure to seal the bag real tight before they start!
  • Playdough is a great exploratory playground for colours. Roll up some balls of dough that are all different colours. Get your kiddo to twist and smush the colours together. Sit back and relax as this tactic task keeps them entertained for hours.
  • Try colour mixing with baking soda and vinegar! Take a few cups and prep them with baking soda at the bottom. Mix up vinegar and food colouring and pour into each glass! Play and mix and match the colours as you go.

Of course when you’re done and exhausted your paint mixing activities just start to paint! Teaching color activities can be that easy! See what household items you can use or recycle, to teach the basics of color mixing to your kiddo today!

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