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How To Teach Alphabets To Preschoolers: ABC Books, Movies, Flashcards, and Fun Games

ABC Books, Movies, Flashcards

Teaching ABC can become a fun and interesting activity if it is presented correctly. For a kid to quickly learn the alphabet, it is enough to turn tedious learning into a game. Make ABC lesson plans and offer your kid different forms of learning the alphabet. You can offer him some ABC books or ABC educational films, come up with entertaining games to study and this will speed up the learning process. This will make it much easier for the baby to memorize new words and phrases, and you will spend time with your baby not only fun but also productive.

ABC Book For Kids

alphabet kids

TouchThinkLearn: ABC

The name speaks for itself. This alphabet tutorial for kids has three-dimensional letters and objects. Kids love to touch everything and the learning process will become very exciting.

ABC Chika Chika BOOM

This book presents ABC for little kids, where the alphabet is shown in lowercase order. Where the kid will consistently learn letters. In the book, the kid will see a palm tree, which will gradually bend under the weight of the letters. In the end, there will be a “Chicka chicka BOOM” and all the letters will turn out to be a big pile under the palm tree. The kid will reread it with interest and will remember the alphabet quickly.

How to Teach Alphabets to Preschoolers

ABC Flashcards

One of the most common ways to learn the alphabet for kids is to use flashcards. A letter is written on one side, and a picture with a word is written on the other. This approach is successfully applied because:

  • allows you to visualize the connection between a letter and a certain way, thereby fixing it in memory;
  • helps the kid to additionally learn a few words;

Pictures and words are a great way to form a visual association with different letters. Kids learn information much better using this method.

Alphabet for Kids with Pictures

Another method of studying is the use of colorful cards with interesting pictures and letters. Additionally, words can be written on them.

The study should go gradually, without excessive haste. Each letter should be repeated several times with different intonation. You can even draw them separately together with your baby, decorating them with funny elements. Be sure to ask questions about the objects or animals drawn on the cards.

After the kid has already mastered the letters, you can fix the alphabet with the help of games. For example, hide several cards with letters in advance and invite him to find them in the apartment. Those who like physical activity will be happy to play “islands”. An adult throws cards with letters on the floor, after which he begins to call them, and the kid will need to jump to the desired “island”. You can also come up with some kind of your own game, knowing the preferences of the baby.

Fun Ways to Teach the Alphabet

Fun Ways to Teach the Alphabet

Show Me the Alphabet

Using your own body, you need to show a certain letter.


Suitable for the most active. You should come up with special dance moves for the letters, then turn on the music and call them. You will need to repeat the learned movements corresponding to the pronounced letter.

“Guess What”

Slowly write letters on a sheet of paper or a blackboard, and the kid must guess them as quickly as possible.

Best Way to Teach the Alphabet

Best Way to Teach the Alphabet

Alphabet Cubes

Very effective in learning the alphabet will be cubes that can be laid out, makeup words and just play. They are bright; you can build towers and houses from them. Kids really like to play with cubes, so they are better immersed and memorize information faster.

ABC Movie for Kids

There are many movies on the topic of learning the alphabet. All kids love movies, and they will be happy to watch and repeat the letters every time. For example, the alphabet train. The alphabet train is exactly what your baby needs. Bob the locomotive collects the letters in the correct sequence and goes on. The kid will definitely like this interesting way of memorizing the alphabet. After all, live letters and funny conversations only increase interest in studying.

We believe that the game form of learning English will help every kid to have a fun and informative time. You can come up with your own games that are suitable for your baby, or use the tips from this article. Learning the alphabet is fun and easy.

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