Teamwork Building Activities For Students: Quick And Easy Team Building Classes

Team building is not just entertainment or a complete waste of time. They contribute to the improvement of the company’s performance, increase productivity and the level of employee satisfaction from work, and expand the horizons of team members.

Also, team-building games quickly increase the level of mutual understanding among employees, which creates a favorable working environment. In addition, team entertainment helps to identify the leadership qualities of the company’s employees, as well as to discern their (often hidden) talents.

Team building exercises can be conducted with two different coaching goals: to show the group that they are not yet an ideal team, or, on the contrary, to give the group a sense of a powerful, strong, cohesive team. In addition, team-building exercises often address issues of effective communication, the distribution of roles in the group.

Teamwork building activities for students

teamwork building activities for students

«We Remove the Tension»

Organize gives the participants a task to count in order of priority, but without any agreements. Please note: if two people call a number at the same time, the game starts again. Participants do not have to talk, but you can use gestures and facial expressions. To complicate teamwork-building activities for students, you can give the task to keep the score with your eyes closed. The essence of the game is that team members anticipate each other’s actions, pay attention to nonverbal signals and establish an emotional connection with each other.

Building Activity for Students – «Wool Team Building»

Each participant receives a ball of wool of a certain color. The task here is to transfer the ball to any other participant, which symbolizes the establishment of ties. During the throw, you must hold on to the thread. Participants will gain a sense of community and cheer themselves up

Team Building Activities for Middle School Students – «Preparing Gifts»

Each participant chooses a partner. In a pair, one partner takes one of the other partner’s hands with one hand, so that each has one free hand. The host, having prepared boxes of different sizes, wrapping paper, and ribbons in advance, gives the task to the players to start the game. The bottom line is that each couple should pack a gift: close the box, wrap it with paper, and tie it with a ribbon. The winner is the pair that will cope with the task faster than anyone else will. These team-building activities for middle school students perfectly develop the ability to understand each other without words, to catch and read non-verbal gestures, to achieve one goal together.

Team Building Games for Middle School – «Clap Together»

A simple and fun team-building game. The organizer gives the participants a task to arrange themselves in a circle and appoints a player with whom they should start the game. At the signal, everyone should clap his or her hands as quickly as possible. Nothing complicated, but this team-building game for middle school is good at developing sensitivity, understanding nonverbal cues, and team spirit.

Team Building Activities Middle Schoolers – «Dream»

Invite participants to think for a few minutes about how each of them sees their future. Then exchange thoughts about your dreams or even draw them on paper. Next, let each participant determine which three specific things, actions, people, can help, and which three prevent him from realizing the dream, and what a person needs to do to make the dream come true.

Note: these team-building activities for middle schoolers go well if the exchange of dreams is approached creatively (skits, creative expressions of dreams, mimic productions).

Building Projects for Middle School – «Product Research»

A great game not only for team building but also for improving the level of professionalism. It is suitable for organizations that are engaged in the implementation of a product. The bottom line is that each team member studies their product in all its details and details by the appointed deadline. On the specified day, a large meeting is organized, at which all participants, speaking in turn, talk about what they have learned, describing all the advantages and features of the product or service. At the same time as building team spirit, this is just an exercise that teaches you how to sell. At the end of the game, everyone can share their impressions, advantages, and disadvantages of their friend’s performances.

Teamwork Activities for Students – «Blind Figures»

Students stand in a circle and hold hands. They should close their eyes and all together, without uncoupling their hands, build a square. After the students decide that the square is ready, the moderator asks them to open their eyes and see what they have done. If they are not satisfied with what they see, they close their eyes again and continue to complete the task. Then, in the same way, you can build a rectangle, a triangle, an isosceles triangle, etc. teamwork activities for middle school.


Each participant chooses a partner. One in a pair becomes a photographer, the second-a camera. The camera closes its eyes, the photographer brings it to an interesting place in the room or on the street and slightly presses on its head, and «takes a picture» the camera opens its eyes for a second while pressing and closes them again. Then the camera must guess where the pictures were “taken”. The roles change.

The students then sit in a circle and discuss what happened. The most important points to pay attention to: which of the photographers led their camera, whether they warned about the danger, whether they thought about their partner; how comfortable the camera was with their photographer, how much they trusted him; who was more pleasant to be a photographer (leading), and who was a camera (led).

Team Building Games Middle School – «Throw It Out on Your Fingers»

The whole group on “one-two-three” should throw out such numbers on their fingers that their sum is equal to the one set by the host.

«Gold and Black Chair»

Everyone sits in a circle with a chair in the center such sort of team building activities for middle schoolers. Anyone can sit on this chair, and, and if he orders a gold chair, everyone will only talk about the good qualities of this person. If a person orders a Black chair, everyone will talk about its weaknesses, its shortcomings.

Middle School Team Building Games

team building games for middle school

«Transfer of feelings by touch»

One of the participants stands in the center of the circle and closes his eyes. He knows that now the other participants will approach him in turn and try to convey one of the four feelings with a touch: fear, joy, curiosity, and sadness. The task of the driver is to determine the feeling that was transmitted to him by touching.

«Tangle»: Good Team Building for Middle School

The leader leaves the room or turns away, while the others hold on to the rope with both hands; the children become entangled, forming a living tangle that the driver must untangle. His task is to form a circle again.

«Ambassadors of the World»

One o the most popular group activities for middle school students. For each participant of the game, the host makes a guess about the country. Next, the players take turns to go out and try to describe the hidden country, without naming it. The winner will be the one who guesses the most countries.

Ambassadors of the World is an excellent team-building that will help to demonstrate the communication and creative skills of team members, expand geographical knowledge, and also guarantee a fun time at a corporate party or during a working break

Middle School Teamwork Activities – «Puzzles»

Participants are divided into 3 small teams with the same number of players. Each team gets one puzzle with an equal number of parts. The task is to collect the puzzle faster than the opponents do.

The catch is that parts of the details of each mosaic are located in different teams. Each group decides how to get the missing parts: barter, bidding, negotiations, exchange of team members.

“Puzzles and negotiations” helps to develop and strengthen the ability to work in a team, trains negotiation skills, and helps to identify leadership qualities.

«My Ideal Team» – a Great Type of Team Building Activities for Special Education Students

Materials: 3 what men, 9 markers, scotch tape.

The starting position of the participants: 3 groups, separated from each other.

Task: Each team should draw a picture of “My ideal team”.

Rules: you have 5 minutes to discuss the tactics of completing the task.

At the end of the discussion time, the teams simultaneously begin to complete the task. For the spoken word – a fine (2 minutes to complete the task). 1-2 people present a picture, arguing it for no more than 2 minutes

«Sea Node»

Players are divided into two teams. One of the popular team-building games for middle school students. Each player takes a long rope. At the signal of the leader, the players begin to tie all sorts of knots on their rope. After the next signal, the teams switch roles and begin to untangle the knots tied by the opponents. The victory goes to those who will cope with the task faster. Middle school team building

«Hula Hoop»

Participants take a pen and paper. Everyone participates imagines that own a large warehouse filled with hoops. In a minute, participants must describe how they will dispose of the hoops in the warehouse. Next, each, in turn, tells his own version of the solution to the question.

Team play stimulates the imagination and creativity of team members, helps to relieve tension

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