Switzerland chocolate: You, Will, Know the List of the Best Chocolates from Switzerland Here!

The European state of Switzerland is famous for its reliable banks, accurate watches, sharp knives, cheeses from the milk of Alpine cows. Switzerland chocolate is not inferior in popularity to well-known brands and enjoys an excellent reputation in many countries. Chocolates from Switzerland are made from products of natural origin and are characterized by the best qualities:

  • a rich aroma of cocoa beans;
  • intense bright taste;
  • aesthetics of performance;
  • original packaging;
  • names.

For example, the Toblerone Switzerland translates literally as “The tip of the iceberg”.

Swiss chocolate industry

switzerland chocolate

Swiss chocolate from Switzerland made by experienced craftsmen guarantees a unique taste. Dairy varieties of this delicacy are recognized as soft and tender. Manufacturers jealously guard the composition and recipe for the preparation of each type of exquisite product, do not share the secrets of technology.

State policy is focused on the comprehensive development of the confectionery industry. The country pays great attention to the manufacture and sale of sweets. There are numerous confectionery shops, large shops selling sweet desserts. According to statistical studies, high-quality chocolate made in Switzerland is not only produced here but also consumed in large quantities. Both adults and little Swiss love chocolate in Switzerland and enjoy the delicacies.

For local residents, tourists, and guests of the capital, specialized museums are open, where unique exhibits are collected, testifying the history of the development of Swiss chocolate art, the secrets of production. The chocolate train will take visitors to the Nestlé confectionery factory – the birthplace of the brand.

Varieties of chocolate Switzerland

Modern production is focused on the production of three types of dessert:

  • Lactic.
  • The black.
  • White.

Best chocolate in Switzerland is white chocolate. Dairy varieties, white chocolate are considered nutritious, high-calorie foods. When consumed chocolate from Switzerland, a person’s mood and well-being improves. Unlike black, the milk dessert contains a large amount of sugar and milk from famous Swiss cows (dry, whole, condensed). Cocoa butter is less than 20% here, and in white, there are no dark ingredients at all.

Black is a valuable health food. Thanks to the antioxidants, minerals that make up this delicacy, the work of the internal organs and the whole body are restored. The beneficial effect of the bitter product on the heart, brain, and nervous system has been noticed. As a result of frequent consumption of this type of dessert in small quantities, a person copes well with stressful situations.

In Switzerland, quite clearly, all chocolate is also divided into 2 groups of unequal volume. This is about:

expensive (and really worthwhile) premium chocolate, elite, handmade;

factory, which is designed for a larger audience.

Top Switzerland Chocolate Brands

It is recommended not only to study the products from this section but also be sure to try, since the Swiss value their reputation and produce high-quality sweet products. Chocolate in Switzerland meets the highest criteria.

The most famous Swiss chocolate brands

If we consider a popular product from well-known brands, then we note only a few of the most popular, judging by the demand and sales statistics, names.

Renowned manufacturer Lindt

chocolates from switzerland

Lindt & Sprüngli AG produces high-quality Lindt chocolate Switzerland and other confectionery products. The history of the establishment of the company begins in 1845 when the David Sprungli-Schwarz family acquired a pastry shop in the city of Zurich. Lindt is famous for its huge assortment of bars, bars, sweets and other sweet treats. Lindt bitter Swiss chocolate, which contains from 70 to 99% cocoa beans, is loved by fans of dark varieties.

Toblerone Switzerland

best chocolate in switzerland

The best chocolate from Switzerland is Toblerone chocolate. The company is considered the most popular, famous brand of Alpine delicacies. The development of the company began in the 60s of the 19th century. During this period, its founder, named Jean Tobler, opened the trade-in Bern with the famous triangular-shaped sweet tiles, consisting of ingredients of natural origin: honey, nougat, almonds. The company’s modern assortment includes not only traditional triangles. In addition to the legendary Switzerland chocolate Toblerone, you can also buy ice cream of amazing taste here.

Chocolat Frey

chocolate from switzerland

The brothers Max and Robert Frey became the founders of the confectionery company. As a result of the work of the team, sweets appeared on the shelves in the form of milk, white, dark chocolate, chocolates in Switzerland in multi-colored boxes. Swiss chocolate of the Frey brand is widely represented in retail outlets selling in the halls of international airports, large and small stores of the company located in different countries.

Maestrani’s Chocolarium

chocolates made in switzerland

Swiss chocolate bars, sweets, bars of the Maestrani brand are in great demand among numerous buyers due to their ultra-high quality, delicate aroma, and taste.


switzerland chocolate brands

The products of the company, located in the west of Switzerland in the city of Friborg, produce a wide range of sweets. Here customers buy classic chocolate bars, confectionery kits packed in original tin boxes. People with diabetes buy sweets based on the sugar substitute, stevia.


lindt chocolate switzerland

A relatively young confectionery company began producing sweets in the forties of the last century. During World War II, cocoa beans became a scarce raw material, chocolate bars were made from chopped hazelnuts and whole hazelnuts. In modern production, traditional recipes are used, old technologies, the products are of the highest quality. Ragusa produces large-sized bars with a high content of chocolate, chopped nuts, and hazelnuts filling. The candies and bars included in the sets are made in the usual style.


chocolate in switzerland

The products of the confectionery trademark are popular thanks to the released collection series: gold, liqueur. The appearance of candies and chocolates from the gold series resembles shiny gold bars, large coins, long cigars. The liqueur collection includes desserts containing popular alcoholic beverages.


chocolate switzerland

The Swiss brand produces inexpensive, famous products of excellent taste in a wide variety:

  • cookies;
  • candy;
  • ice cream;
  • chocolate;
  • frozen desserts;
  • bars.

Milka brand sweets with Alpine milk can be found in large and small stores in Europe, Asia, and America.

Cailler brand

toblerone switzerland

Swiss lovers have known this company since 1819. In the early twentieth century, the Cailler confectionery brand was acquired by the Nestlé Corporation. The assortment of the brand’s products includes confectionery products made on the basis of old recipes, as well as desserts developed using the latest technologies. The tiles in their original packaging with the lid open reveal raisins, berries, whole nut kernels.


chocolates switzerland

The company relatively recently appeared on the sweets market (production began in 1957), became famous for its wide range of products. Chocolate bars are available in weight from 100 to 300 grams. Sweets, bars of original shapes are made in the form of figurines. Seasonal and themed gift sets are developed for the holidays.

The presented rating does not include popular products manufactured under the popular Swiss brands Boucheron, Marabou, Laderach.

Swiss chocolate Bucheron

swiss chocolate from switzerland

The popular Boucheron brand is developing in Russia. Products are produced in original packaging “with a window”. For lovers of sweets, separate series have been developed:

Pure chocolate.

Bitter tiles with strawberries, cranberries, pistachios, etc.

Dairy desserts with hazelnuts, raspberries.

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