The Best Kids Cartoons of All Time

the best cartoons of all time

Childhood is the golden age. We are sure that cartoon shows are the first word you associate with carefree days! And it’s not strange, because it was cartoon characters who accompanied us for many years and we grew up with them.

Once we were asked, “What cartoons for kids would you show to your children?” And we thought that this is a great reason to make a list of the most fun and exciting children cartoons that have an addictive plot and make us believe in a good and better world.

Don’t be surprised that children’s cartoons may be quite old but believe us, they are still relevant in our time.

Particular attention should be paid to the family cartoons by Japanese director, scriptwriter, and manga artist (a man who professionally draws comics) Hayao Miyazaki. They are known all over the world and if you are not familiar with the work of Japanese genius, here is a compilation of the most famous and interesting family cartoons:

Spirited Away (2001)

One of the most famous cartoon pictures which have many awards. The events moving around the main character of 10-year-old girl Chihiro. She and her family decided to move to a new house. On the way, they got to an unusual village where there were many strange people and an enormous number of different foods. Chihiro’s parents pounced on treats and turned into fatty pigs. This is the curse of the evil old witch Yubaba. The girl ended up in a new and unfamiliar world, where she will have to go through many trials and find a way to return parents to their original bodies.

The graphics, picture elements, and unusual images are fascinating from the first minutes of viewing.

Howl’s moving castle (2004)

howls castle

Hayao Miyazaki called this cartoon-like “the first anime for old people”. The directors were looking for landscapes to shoot all over Europe and found them in France (province of Alsace). This is a very heartwarming and romantic story about an 18-year-old girl Sophie who was imprisoned in the body of an old woman by an evil witch. Sophie ran in horror from the city and finds a fantastic mowing castle. The owner of this castle – Howl entered into a contract (which cannot be terminate) with the demon Calcifer. Sophie and Howl are trying to help each other break the spell throughout the cartoon. Unambiguously recommended for viewing.

Inside out (2015)

inside out

If you are curious to know what is going on in your head when you are going to experience an important or stressful event in life, then you should watch this wonderful cartoon! The screenwriters of the film decided to show (by an example of a little girl Riley) how the human brain works, namely emotions: fear, anger, squeamishness, sadness, and joy. Each of the emotions is trying to prove that it knows how to act in such a situation. What happened next – see for yourself. The interesting story and subtle humor of the cartoon will decorate any family evening.

The Incredibles (2004)

the incredibles

Very colorful, emotional, and funny cartoon about a family of superheroes who went out for well-earned rest and decided to live the life of ordinary people without dangers and adventures. But one day they will have to save humanity once again from a mysterious negative character.

Cars (2006, 2011, 2017)


A brilliant idea to revitalize the machines and endow them with human character traits. The cartoon about the race car Lightning McQueen, who lost his way and got acquainted with other ordinary cars Sally and Doc Hudson. McQueen gained new friends and realized that in life there are things much more important than racing, competitions, fame, and awards.

The kind, instructive and interesting project of Disney and Pixar.

WALL-E (2008)


Perhaps, you were looking for an opportunity to know what will happen on our Mother Earth after people find other planets fit for habitation. Then you need to see a cartoon about a cute robot “Waste Allocation Load Lifer, Earth-class” Wally who cleans up all the garbage that people have left behind. But it is not like the other sorting robots. Wally finds interesting things in the hunk of trash and keeps them for itself. He also learns to feel emotions and watches different movies. And he could not even dream about the events that will happen to him at the end of the cartoon.

Zootopia (2016)


Oscar-winning cartoon about the animal’s life who has mastered the human professionals. Zootropolis is the same megapolis where there are areas for absolutely all representatives of the animal world as much as possible similar to their indigenous environment. The main character is a charming and young bunny Judy Hopps who wants to prove to everyone that she can hold the post of the police officer despite all stereotypes. She will solve an amazing detective intrigue together with the cunning fox Nick Wilde.

Finding Nemo (2003)

finding nemo

Beautiful, touching, and interesting cartoon about Nemo (the clownfish). The ocean is full of dangers/surprises and it scares a single father Marlene. He is raising his only son Nemo who has an underdeveloped fin from birth. One day, Nemo went on a school trip together with other fish and wanted to learn more about the mysterious reef and fell into a trap. The father decides to find his son and went to look for him…

Toy Story (1995, 1999, 2010, 2019)

toy story

Children are convinced that their toys live separate life when they are alone. The cartoon “Toy Story” is excellent proof of this. The main plot of the cartoon is a story about how toys are afraid to be abandoned and that children will replace them with newer and more modern ones. There are 4 parts to this wonderful story, so you don’t have to wait for the sequel to come out – enjoy watching.

Ice Age (2002)

ice age

This is a very fascinating and interesting story about how a giant mammoth Manny and sloth Sid tried to return a human cub to his parents fleeing from the cold. It is a fascinating adventure, funny dialogues, and friendship. The cartoon has 4 parts that are worth watching too.

The world of funny cartoons for kids is endless. We have described the most memorable (we believe) cartoon for children. So, stock up on popcorn and spend time with your family under the accompaniment of beautiful and kind cartoons.

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