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The Best Mobile Phones for Kids: You Need to Read This Article to Know Everything About It

Do you have a child of 11 years old? And do you know what is a good phone for an 11-year-old? Our article has the answer to your question!

Why Does Your Child Need a Smartphone?

phones for 11 year olds

To buy a child the first cell phone for the kid is not to indulge his whims, but to purchase a useful and convenient gadget with which parents can call their offspring, communicate in a messenger. In addition, a son or daughter will be able to download textbooks and audiobooks into a smartphone. Of course, no one canceled entertainment either: playing, listening to music, watching videos and chatting with friends – all this will help brighten up a boring trip in transport, for example.

How to choose the best first mobile phone for an 11-year-old?

Which smartphone is better to buy for a child? The answer: “the one that entered the top popular” is not entirely correct (although the child may insist on this). When choosing smartphones for 11-year-olds, you need to consider age, preferences, and the purpose of the purchase. For example, a device with a GPS tracker will help parents to be aware of the location of the student, which means less worry and less imagination of all sorts of horrors.

What Would Be Good to Pay Attention to When Choosing the Best First Phone for Kids:

best phone for 11 year old
  • autonomy;
  • availability of GPS;
  • the amount of internal memory;
  • dimensions and material of the case;
  • screen.

Dimensions and Material the Best First Phone for Kid: Screen, Body, and Strength

As a rule, the size of modern phones is often associated with the screen diagonal. In modern models, the display occupies almost the entire front panel, leaving only a small percentage of it for the camera, earpiece, and other important “little things”. Everything is individual here: ease of control is important.

The main thing is that a cell phone for an 11-year-old fits comfortably in your hand. If the child is about 10 or 11 years old, you should not choose a phablet for him: instead, pay attention to the more compact version up to 4.5 inches. But for a high school student, a large smartphone is quite suitable. When buying, you should pay attention to the weight of the gadget: it should not be too heavy.

If we talk about the image quality and screen resolution of the best first cell phone for kids, then FHD is enough with the head, even smaller is possible. And with color rendition and viewing angles, there are hardly any problems, since most of the models on the market are equipped with an IPS-type matrix.

Durability is one of the important factors when choosing the best cell phone for an 11-year-old, because the stronger the device, the longer it will “live”. Cheap smartphones use ordinary glass, which is not resistant to impacts, and therefore it is reasonable to immediately buy an additional protective film. Tempered glass is used in models with a higher price tag. This option is much more reliable, but even here additional protection will not hurt.

The Main Selection Criteria of the Best Cell Phone for Middle Schooler:


Practice shows that good first phones children do not “live” for a long time. And for completely different reasons. And we are unlikely to be seriously mistaken if we name the cost of a mobile device as one of the main parental selection criteria.


A child’s age is an important criterion when choosing the best phone for middle schoolers. Younger schoolchildren have their own understanding of a “cool” smartphone, while teenagers have completely different requirements.

Security. For an active 7-8-year-old child, it might make sense to choose the best phone for an 11-year-old that is shockproof – it will live longer.

Solid camera

Photography and selfies have become an integral part of children’s lives, so let them be bright and high quality.

Processor and RAM

Children are more impatient than adults and so that the work of running applications does not cause irritation and the desire to immediately demand a new smartphone, it is desirable to have a smart processor, as well as a sufficient amount of RAM.

Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is something to look out for when choosing good phones for 11-year-olds. Modern apps are very power-hungry and so smartphones run down at an amazing rate and kids simply forget to recharge. Consequently, a capacious battery is an important factor.

Design and operating system. The appearance of phones for kids age 11 smartphones is generally similar, but nuances and personal preferences are always important. The models have become universal for both boys and girls, and the difference in gender can be emphasized by the color of the body. The abundance of OS was replaced by dual power: Android and iOS.

Relevance. In order not to have to change your smartphone in a year, it is better to choose phones for kids age 11 of the new models that are popular in 2021, in which the presence of 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS is a must-have.

List of the Best Mobile Phones for Kids:

iPhone 7 Is a Budget Variant and Also Can Be the Best First Cell Phone for Tweens

best first phone for kids

It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford to buy a brand new iPhone 12 for your child yet. Nobody demands that from you. Basic needs that a student’s smartphone should fill (from first grade to 5 inclusive): calls, photos/videos at an adequate level (so that the child can start Instagram and TikTok), downloading popular games, Internet surfing. Well, we also add an adequate battery as one of the main factors here. The iPhone 7 can handle all of this. It is quite possible to find a second-hand iPhone 7 at a price of $180. If you want something better, take a closer look at the iPhone 8, it already supports wireless charging, but here the price tag will be from $250.

iPhone Se 2 (2020) Is Also One of the Good Phones for 11-Year-Olds

good phones for 11 year olds

Looking ahead and staying in the middle is a great option for any occasion. Choosing an iPhone for a kid pays off. If you’re looking for something mid-priced, take a look at Apple’s 2020 budget option, the iPhone SE 2 (2020). It’s the best mobile phone for kids – a compact device with a Touch ID, an A13 processor, a great camera, and a decent battery. It seems to me that SE 2 can hold out in the current Apple line for a long time, which will undoubtedly be a plus for your child. iPhone SE 2 (20202) starts at $399.

iPhone 11 Also Can Be One of The Best Mobile Phones for Kids

best first phone for kid

Whether you’re looking for something durable or looking to buy a good iPhone for your teenager, there is a huge selection here. All models, starting with the XS and up to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, will be a worthy purchase that will last a child for several years. I would advise you to take the iPhone 11. This is an excellent device that is suitable for both video shooting and for playing games, and the screen size with the battery capacity is completely satisfactory. The iPhone 11 is currently in the current 2021 iPhone lineup and can be purchased starting at $599.

Dimensions and Material the Best First Phone for Kid: Screen, Body, and Strength

Having reported another $100, you can buy an iPhone 12 mini. Already with OLED screen, night mode for selfies, MagSafe support, and a new design. But I would not recommend taking a device with such a small screen for a teenager. We understand very well that children are now very active in social networks, so they often process photos/videos, read articles, and play on the Internet. With a small device, it will be inconvenient for them to do this.

The best gift for any child (and adult), of course, will be the iPhone 12 Pro. There is already LiDAR, a fancy camera, 6 GB of RAM, and a top-end blue color. Well, the price starts from $999.

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