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The Largest Collection of Toy Cars in the World

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One of the most famous toy car companies Mattel has produced more than four billion cars for children, collectors, and car enthusiasts around the world under the brand name Hot Wheels.

Did you know that 6 million Hot Wheels toy cars are sold worldwide every week?

The special paint Spectraflame, which gives them a unique metallic shine, is used to cover models. Only collectible models are covered with it now.

There is an incredible number of models in the Hot Wills collection. How do you make sense of them? All machines can be divided into the following sections:

  • City — this series is for you if you like to ride the streets, watching passing houses and boulevards. Here you can find sports cars, police cars, limousines, school buses, cars that look like animals.
  • Racing car — speed and speed again. These cars develop a dizzying speed when the engine is running at maximum power. Take part in the competition of the fastest cars designed for drag racing and ring racing at crazy speed. You’ll also find cars for multi-day rallies, high mountain racing and autoslalom.
  • Car workshop — these tuned, custom-designed cars, which have just left the garage, like to be in the spotlight. Dream about your car, design it, watch it come to life. Models have been redesigned or supplemented with shocking details and are equipped with the latest engines in this section.
  • Off-road — fans of thrills, driving on off-road and country roads. These models are for daredevils. All-terrain vehicles are able to overcome obstacles and perform complex tricks during races and auto shows are presented in this section. Here you will find huge trucks participating in rallies – marathons, motorcycles for motocrosses and many other cars that are not afraid to get dirty.

Have you chosen which models you’re going to collect?

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