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The Most Expensive Marvel and DC comics

“All these marvel comics for kids” – this phrase is often heard from people far from the world of MARVEL and DC. Many comics now have a very biting price tag, and only adults and rich people have the ability to afford the originals of the 40-70s. How much do the most expensive comics in the world cost?

Avengers #1

marvel for kids

This is an incredible marvel comic book for kids. However, only the children of rich parents can afford it, like all the comics on this list. The first issue of the avengers will cost you 275 thousand dollars. You will learn how Thor, Hulk, Ant-Man, and Iron Man fought with Loki.

Whiz Comics #2

marvel comic books for kids

In this comic book, Captain Marvel first appears. The funny fact is that the first edition of this comic has never been, and it was used only for advertising, so the second part is essentially the first.

In 2012, this comic book was sold for more than 280 thousand dollars. Still, think that Marvel for kids?

Fantastic Four #1

fantastic four

In 1961, the founder of Marvel, Stan Lee, decided to create an alternative version of the Justice League, which was in DC comics. As far as you know, he did it very well, and the Fantastic Four’s comics became one of the most successful and popular. The first issue of this series was sold in 2011 for 300 thousand dollars. This is the best marvel comic for young kids.

Incredible Hulk #1

Best marvel comics for young kids

The Hulk is one of the favorite characters of children in the Marvel universe. It is a very strong and huge hero, which is the other side of the smart scientist Bruce Benner. It is interesting that in the first editions about the Hulk, he was not green, but gray.

The cost of this comic book reaches over 325 thousand dollars. It was sold in 2014.

Captain America Comics #1

best marvel unlimited comics for kids

Captain America is a real symbol of the Marvel universe, which always fights for justice and nobility. On the cover of this comic book, you can see Adolf Hitler, who gets in the face of one of the most important characters in the universe of Marvel. His value has reached 343 thousand dollars.

Marvel Comics #1

spiderman books for toddlers

And of course, we can’t miss the very first Marvel comic book. In it, you can meet the Torch Man and Nemore. Imagine how much hype will be around you if people realize that the first superhero comic book is in your house. Its cost is 350000 dollars.

Tales of Suspense #39

spiderman comics for kids

The first comic book in which fans met the Iron Man. Undoubtedly, it gained enormous popularity after the magnificent performance of the Iron Man in the movies. Robert Downey Jr. allowed the comic book to gain a huge value of 375 thousand dollars. It was sold in 2012. It became the best marvel unlimited comics for kids for its owner.

Flash Comics #1

flash comics

This time we will consider the hero of the universe DC. A comic book with Flash was sold in 2010 for 450 thousand dollars. At that time, it was the second most expensive comic book in history.

X-Men #1


Another incredible series from the founder of Marvel. X-Men became another icon for comic book fans. And the first issue was sold for 493 thousand dollars. The lucky owner received it in 2012 and was able to see how the legendary team was born.

Batman #1


The Dark Knight stuck in the memory and hearts of comic book fans for many years. Batman still remains one of the key figures in the world of comics. In the first issue, we meet the main enemies of Batman. Its value has exceeded 500 thousand dollars, and it was sold in 2013.

You will ask, where is Spider-Man? The spider-Man story for kids is incredibly huge and there are hundreds of different stories and alternative universes about this hero. In fact, there are even Spider-Man books for toddlers that can fascinate your child for a long time. Unfortunately, we have no information on whether the very first issue about the Spider-Man was sold and for what sum. But we know for sure that Spider-Man comics for kids will be great entertainment for your children and yourself.

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