Gin No Guardian Review – Season 3 Release Date, Plot, And Review Of Previous Seasons

Fantastic anime “Gin no Guardian” – popular anime of spring 2017. Released by Haoliners Animation League, directed by Masahiko Okura. The anime is based on a web manga.

The plot is not something unique in its genre, something similar we saw in “Master of the Sword online”, where virtual reality absorbed the characters and made them the main characters in an online game. In the Silver Gravekeeper anime, we saw something like this: the game “GraveRobber” has absorbed the main characters, and now they are forced to go through a lot of tests in order not just to get out, but also to survive. We bring to your attention the Gin no Guardian review.

Plot of Gin no Guardian Season 1

gin no guardian season 1

Silver Guard characters Suigin Riku-a a gamer, and his classmate Rei Riku, who is the only one who knows about his skills. She gives Suigin a device for entering the raided tomb of an online game. The guy is happy with the gift, but this joy is overshadowed by the sudden news of Rei’s abduction. Suigin touches the device that was given to him and finds himself in the middle of a tomb surrounded by raider skeletons. The main character finds himself in a world where two groups of people fight for the power of the gods, coming from the grave of the mother goddess Bango. These groups are the tomb raiders and their defenders. Suigin’s device is called a “Monolith” and allows the average gamer to get close to the tomb. As the last defender of the grave, the young man must fight the enemies to save Rei.

Sign, like most people on the planet Earth, of course, is sure that he manages his own actions exclusively independently. The man does not deny the existence of a personal fate that decides some global events, but the hero does not doubt that only he is to blame for his daily routine. At least, it was until I had to find out the truly shocking truth. It consisted in the fact that, as it turned out, the man spent his entire life being a character in the game of a certain gamer. Of course, it was clear that this could not be an isolated case, and it soon became clear that there are quite a lot of such fans of games in the genre of “simulator”. Accordingly, each of them has a person whose life he controls. The main character has set himself two most important goals: to find the same characters as himself and then take revenge on his “masters”. This is because, first, he is a personal assistant to the Ambassador from the United States of America, who is currently in France

Plot Of The Silver Guardian 2

the silver guardian season 2

In the gin no guardian season 2 Thanks to the device left behind after the death of Rick City, Suigin is one of the strongest players with powerful and rare items, but you still need to play by the rules. That is why the guy goes to courses for beginners, the passage of which will open up more opportunities for him. Here the main character meets two other newcomers. During the course, Suigin learns about the partner cards and decides to put together his own team. And just in time, because a couple of moments after this decision, he finds out who was abducted by Ray and where she is being held.

Gin No Guardian Characters

  • Suigin Riku –an excellent gamer who finds himself in the virtual world of the game Grave Buster, the prisoner of which was his girlfriend Rei Riku. Here the guy will become the last defender of the tombs and free the girl. He is a simple good-natured guy, ready to risk everything for the sake of dear people, and not only people (for example, not knowing how to swim, he does not hesitate to throw himself into the water to save his kitten). Suigin is a hard worker and never even thought to complain about his fate.
  • Rei Riku is the main character’s girlfriend, the only one who knows about her friend’s love for online games. She becomes a victim of kidnapping after giving Suigin Riku a gaming device. She is the most popular girl in the school: beautiful, smart, and even the heir of a large company. But despite her status, Ray is not arrogant at all – she is modest and nice to everyone

Interesting Facts

  • Many fans of Grave Buster anime were extremely negative about the director Masahiko Ookura for the quality of the adaptation of the manga “Silver Diamond” created in 2003 by writer Sugiura Shiho.
  • According to the audience, the plot of the silver guardian is banal and in many ways does not correspond to the original; most readers criticize the new anime calling it a complete drain of the idea.
  • However, there are also those who liked gin-no-guardian, and the studio plans to film at least a few more seasons, to some extent taking as the basis 9 volumes of the original manga.
  • Gin no guardian season 2 “Episode 7” release date February 24, 2018.
  • Haoliners Animation League released the Silver Guardian season 2 again. Its founder Lee Harlin became the main director of gin no guardian mal, director Ken Ando, character designer-Yoshiaki Tsubata (Phantom ~ Requiem for the Phantom~), and composer-Minako Seki (Kingdom).
  • The silver guardian episode 3 is called «Suigin Regrets the End!»

The Silver Guardian Season 3 Release Date

silver guardian season 3

It is not yet known for sure whether silver guardian season 3 will be filmed, but viewers are sure that the sequel will be released. If so, the premiere will take place closer to the beginning of 2022, or even later.

The Silver Guardian Review

The main character is a kind naive boy, who runs around on part-time jobs during the day, and at night becomes a “Great Master” of MMO, in which he meets the object of future relationships – the very girl who saved him. After that, a series of events take place, which finally brings us closer to the main storyline of the series, namely the kidnapping of Riku Rei and a new virtual game where all players are focused on looting tombs, and Suigin himself will become their only guardian. The main problem of Gin no Guardian anime is the timing (series of 13 minutes) and its breakdown into 2 seasons the Silver Guardian, because the main plot falls just on the second season, while the entire first is a prologue to it.

The advantages of this anime include an interesting idea, bright and pleasant drawing, and spectacular action scenes. Many people are scared off by the constant change of the situation, the unclear motivation of the battle scenes, and what it should all lead to, but do not rush to quit watching because of the chaotic and incomprehensible plot until you get to the second season-they will explain everything to you there. In addition, the series looks easy and does not take up much time. If you just want to have a good time, look at the main character, who turns from a clumsy shy guy into a cool character, and enjoy a beautiful action game-Welcome!

The Silver Guardian Episode List

The first season of the multi-part anime has 12 episodes. In the second – 6 episodes.

Season 1

  • Suigin`s New Journey!
  • Suigin Meets Takeshi!
  • Suigin Stands Once Again!
  • Suigin Learns to Play the Grave Robbing Game!
  • Suigin Becomes the Last Tomb Guardian!
  • Suigin’s Chance Encounter With His Grandfather!
  • Suigin Pledges Himself to Riku Rei!
  • Suigin Inherits a Legacy!
  • Suigin Receives a Loss!
  • Suigin Regrets the End!
  • Suigin Gets Closer to Riku Rei!

Season 2

  • The Crazy Randengyoku / Billion Player
  • The Door to Zero / A Reunion Through the Mirror
  • Aslan’s Trial / The Final Countdown
  • First Ally / The Conquest Begins
  • Titan Goes Berserk / A Bewildered Suigin
  • The Three From the Training Institute / Rin’s True Identity

For me, Grave Buster anime is very light, the format of the semi-series is convenient; it is just a pity that it is not a full season. The plot is modest, full of fan service, but there are no critical errors. The characters’ goals and motivations are hidden throughout the first season but are well revealed in the second. Also, very good drawing.

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