Things to Do at Downtown Disney: You Need to Read Our Article Now to Take Interesting Information

Are you dreaming about a trip to Disney? But do you know about things to do in downtown Disneyland?

Disneyland Park – one might say, the original, Parisian Disneyland began with him. In the center is the obligatory Sleeping Beauty castle, the outlines of which are familiar to everyone who has watched at least one Disney movie, and in general, this park is more decorative, “toy”, more oriented towards younger children. There are many things to do in downtown Disney with kids: playgrounds and attractions. But downtown Disney things to do for adults are also present here, the extreme is also present.

Here We Have Some Things to Do at Downtown Disney:

what is there to do in downtown disney

First, this is Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain with one loop and one full spiral, which used to be the coolest attraction in all of Disneyland, it was called “From the Cannon to the Moon”.

What to Do in Downtown Disneyland If You Are Queuing:

While queuing up for this attraction, you can entertain yourself by looking for remnants of the old intricate steampunk decor, now and then peeking out from under the starry war decorations.

Hyperspace Mountain is one of the things to do at Downtown Disney and is located in Discovery land’s Star Wars and space travel sector (updated attraction with 3D effects Star Tours is also open there)

The wonderful Fantasy land one of the fun things to do in downtown Disney will especially appeal to children: there they will visit Snow White and the 7 dwarfs, find themselves with Alice in the maze of Wonderland, go on a trip around the world, defeat the dragon and do more interesting things. What is there to do in downtown Disney? There is also a special place for meeting and photo sessions with Mickey Mouse and other classic Disney characters.

Fun things to do in downtown Disney: In Adventureland, everything is permeated with the spirit of adventure – here is Robinson’s hut, and Jack Sparrow’s pirate ship, and in the Temple of Danger (another rather steep hill) you will have to ride a wobbly trolley in the footsteps of Indiana Jones. Young guests will love the fairy-tale world of oriental tales about Aladdin there.

Sector Frontierland – downtown Disney things to do is the world of the Wild West: gold mines, pistol shooting and the main extreme entertainment, the Thundering Mountain attraction, very dashing roller coasters with one dead loop.

What Are the Things to Do at Downtown Disney?

In the evening, closer to the closure of the park, along its main road, starting from the Castle of The Sleeping Beauty, an exceptionally spectacular parade of Disney heroes takes place – with all the most popular characters, fire-breathing dragons and fairy-tale princesses. It should be noted that during the presentation the queues for the attractions are noticeably reduced.

Walt Disney Studios Park – Downtown Disney Things to Do for Adults

downtown disney things to do

The second theme park of Disneyland Paris is more designed for the older public: the rides here are newer and more abrupt, they are located more compactly, and less attention is paid to the overall “decor” than in the main park. In general, it is stylized as a huge film set, where you can look into the magic behind the scenes of cinema. Things to do at Downtown Disney: Park guests can become actors and race drivers, ride the attractions in Toy Stories, watch performances featuring their favorite Disney cartoons, and even learn how to create them yourself. It will be interesting for teenagers and adults to visit the set, to learn how special effects are made in popular blockbusters.

The best downtown Disney things to do: The coolest attractions here: Tower of Terror – free fall in the elevator of a dam hotel, spinning Crush’s Coaster in all directions based on the cartoon “Finding Nemo”, extreme RC Racer, and, of course, roller coaster Rock n Roller Coaster Avec Aerosmith. It’s worth standing in line for the last ones, if only in order to appreciate how well Stephen Tyler’s screams fit into the frantic spinning in dead loops and spirals.

What Else to See: The Best Things to Do in Downtown Disney

Dozens of shops and shops in the Disney Village, stylized in antiquity, will give a lot of emotions and the risk of significantly lightening your wallet. There is everything here – from Disneyland paraphernalia to luxurious palaces with sweets, from toys – cartoon characters to Christmas surprises. The main assortment is toys and gifts, as well as accessories with the symbols of the park. There are 67 cafés, restaurants, and bars in total. They feature European, American, exotic cuisines, fast food, fish dishes, snacks, and ice cream.

In Disneyland, themed and seasonal holidays are held in an unusual and fun way – Halloween, New Year, Summer of Marvel’s superheroes. They can even help you organize your own event, such as a wedding.

Things to Do at Downtown Disney:

All the most dangerous rides are evenly scattered across both parks: this is a fast Indiana Jones with a loop, this is an epic ride through the Big Thunder Mountain mine – no loops, but fast and fun. This is the cutest Crush’s Coaster, based on the animated film Finding Nemo. This is the legendary Tower of Terror with free fall and the surroundings of an abandoned haunted hotel. This is an inhuman RC Racer, on which people with acrophobia are so breathtaking that they can’t even scream. This is a Star Tours simulator, where the C-3PO takes you on a starship, designed only for people with strong vestibular apparatus. All of these rides are labeled “big thrills” on the resort’s maps and mobile app.

But nothing beats the thrills from two of the most killer rides in both parks. Even the least impressionable, they will delight and, perhaps, horror: this is made with the participation of Aerosmith Rock n Roller coaster and the sci-fi adventure Space Mountain, in which a couple of years ago Jules Verne’s retro-futurism was replaced by the shining high-tech Star Wars (and now it’s called Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain).

These two roller coasters are very similar to each other, at least in that in both they are put in a chair, fastened with a frightening yoke, and launched into the stratosphere already at the start. And both are under the roof, so all the action takes place in the dark, and it’s even scarier when you can’t see which way you will be driven on the next bend. In Disneyland Paris, by the way, Space Mountain is much cooler, more extreme, and more dangerous than its counterparts in other Disneylands of the world.

There Is Short Information about Different Disney Parks in the World and the Best Things to Do in Downtown Disney:

Is There a Downtown Disney in California?

fun things to do in downtown disney

What to see in Disneyland in California. If special effects are your thing, don’t miss the Fantasmic Evening Show. You will see a fire-breathing dragon, a smokescreen and laser projections, fireworks, and even a giant floating ship. And thrill-seekers should definitely check out Cars Land – one of the most difficult rides based on the cartoon “Cars”. For even more adrenaline rush, take the elevator down to the sinister Hollywood Tower.

Things to Do at Downtown Disney in Hong Kong:

things to do in downtown disneyland

In Hong Kong, there are the usual for those who have ever been to Disneyland, “Main Street” with souvenir shops, “Fantasy Land” where cartoon characters live, “Land of the Future” and “Adventure World”. And fans of Marvel superhero Tony Stark can try on fantastic Stark Vision glasses and meet Iron Man in person at the Iron Man Experience.

Things to Do Near Downtown Shanghai Disney:

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Shanghai Disneyland has 6 thematic zones, one of which – “Treasure Cave” – ​​is completely dedicated to the adventures of Jack Sparrow, oh, Captain Jack Sparrow. There are the popular Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride, which can be found in every Disneyland with small variations, and the Siren’s Revenge, an interactive show, where you can taste the pirate life.

Things to Do Near Tokyo Disneyland:

downtown disney things to do for adults

What to see at Tokyo Disneyland? The territory of Tokyo Disneyland is divided into 7 thematic zones with 38 attractions. If you are with young children, visit Minnie’s cottage, which is full of plump-colored pillows, cheese, and fun cooking utensils. Wait for the Disney Magic Lights evening parade and watch your favorite characters in festive illumination.

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