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Things to Learn for Science and Homeschooling Fun: Static Electricity for Kids

interesting facts about static electricity

What is static electricity for kids?

Need homeschooling techniques and tricks to teach your kids the basics of science? Try some of these awesome techniques. There are loads of fun facts to learn about static electricity. Your kids will definitely be pumped when they figure these out for themselves. Start by looking around yourself and you will notice that static electricity is all around us. For example, have you ever rubbed your feet all over the carpet and then got electrocuted on the next thing you touched? Well, there you go that’s already one great way to explain the concept of static electricity to you kiddos.

Fun facts about static electricity

So! Static electricity is an imbalance of positive and negative charges in or on an object. The charge can build up, and then will be released or discharged. The charges stay in the same place, which is why it is named static electricity. Electric charge can occur when two objects are rubbed against each other. After you will find that one object has a negative charge and the other has a positive. Opposite charges will attract each other, and the same charges will oppose.

Still, want to know more? How to explain static electricity to a child

static electricity facts for kids
  1. Start by blowing up a balloon
  2. Now ask your child to rub the balloon on their hair for a good while
  3. They will start to notice that their hair is stuck to the balloon
  4. This is where the explaining comes in
  5. Electrons are transferred from their hair to the balloon
  6. Now the balloon and their hair have opposite charges
  7. Their hair has a positive charge
  8. The balloon now has a negative after all the rubbing
  9. Now explain that in science positive and negative charges attract to each other
  10. And that is why your hair sticks to the balloon!

Static electricity facts for kids

explain static electricity to a child
  • The reason it’s called static electricity is that charge stays in the same place, hence the name “static”
  • Lightning is an example of static electricity, it is a large scale and very dangerous example!
  • Even though lightning is super scary and dangerous! Seventy percent of people who have been struck by lightning will survive and be okay
  • Regarding weather, static electricity will build up much more on a non-humid and dry day
  • A lightning bolt can reach an astronomical temperature of 30000 degrees celsius! Just to put that into some kind of perspective, the surface of the sun is only 5600 degrees celsius!
  • In the great depression, there was so much static electricity in the air, from all the swirls of dust! It was strong enough to knock someone unconscious
  • Find something plastic and something hairy like you or your cat and see what happens!
  • A great example of static electricity that we use every day is a photocopier! The static electricity helps the ink attach to the paper which then makes a photocopy

Interesting facts about static electricity

fun facts about static electricity

Try this fun experiment at home to experience the facts for yourself! Of course with parental guidance!

  • Fluorescent light bulb
  • Very dark room with the door closed to seal out light
  • A balloon


  1. Rub the balloon fast against your hair
  2. While you do this make sure you have the light in your other hand
  3. Now that you have built up a nice charge, turn off the light and keep briskly rubbing the balloon on your hair and see what happens!

For your kids, don’t forget to bring your parents along with you! It’s nice to have someone explain to you as you go what’s happening with the electrons. Try out some fun activities today to help your understanding of static electricity! That way you will nail that project at school!

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