Tom And Jerry Cartoons: History And Evolution Of The Show From 1940 To The Present Day

We can assume that not all people are fans of the cartoon series about Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse. However, each of us has seen at least one episode or heard about this funny story. If in childhood we were only interested in the plot of the cartoon, why not learn about the history of creation, the first launch on TV screens, and what is Tom and Jerry itself? Let’s figure it out together!

Tom and Jerry: background

Tom and Jerry background

“Tom and Jerry” cartoon consists of short comedy films. Check out the basic Tom and Jerry information in short form:

  • “Tom and Jerry” author is Rich Hogan.
  • “Tom and Jerry” makers are William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.
  • “Tom and Jerry” debut was in 1940.
  • Who is Tom? This is one of the main characters. Blue-gray long-haired cat.
  • Who is Jerry? This is the second main character. Brown house mouse.
  • What is the main theme of the animated series? The chase of Tom the cat for Jerry the mouse.

It is time to look through “Tom and Jerry” information in detail. On February 20, 1940, for the first time, a cheerful couple Tom and Jerry appeared on the screens. The history of the cartoon, as one of the most popular animated series of the twentieth century, began back in 1936, when screenwriter Rich Hogan presented his Tom and Jerry story about the adventures of a cat and a mouse to the animation department of the Metro Goldwyn Mauer film company.

A story of endless quarrels, fights, funny jokes, and chases, in which two funny characters endlessly suit each other. Young directors William Hannah and Joseph Barbera took on the role of making the story a reality. The producer of the future cartoon was Rudolf Aising, who was then the producer and creator of the animation department at MGM.

The name of the mouse was originally Jinx, not Jerry, then the cat was known, not as Tom but Jasper. Throughout the years, active work has been carried out on the characters. Let’s take a look at the evolution of Tom and Jerry.

Hanna-Barbera (1940-1958)

tom and jerry 1957

“Tom and Jerry” studio was MGM. At that time, there were many cartoons with a similar theme. Therefore, it was necessary to come up with something that would distinguish it from others about cats and mice. Initially, the producers were against the launch of the Tom and Jerry opening. But the first episode, titled “The Cat Gets a Shoe”, was a success. Remember when we said that Tom was not Tom in the beginning?

So the directors announced a competition for the studio employees for the best name, and the winner received a prize of $ 50. In the middle of the 20th century, this is a lot of money. By the way, Tom and Jerry in 1957 were the most talked about during that period. The studio has released 5 episodes this year. 1957 also kicked off a spin-off called Spike and Tyke. From this period there were 114 episodes and 7 Academy Awards.

Gene Deitch (1961-1962)

early tom and jerry

During this period, 13 Tom and Jerry cartoons were released. The project is led by new director Gene Deitch. The location was changed. Instead of a house and a garden near the house, the cat and the mouse arranged their distillations in exotic locations, including in a whaling ship. Remember Tom’s thick black cat owner? She was also replaced by a bald man who was very hot-tempered. The shorts were a huge commercial success.

Chuck Jones (1963-1967)

tom and jerry 1963

Jones is not the original creator of Tom and Jerry but founded his studio with 34 episodes of Tom and Jerry. The style of the main characters changed, which was perceived positively by the viewer. Tom had fluffy, knitted eyebrows, gray fur, sharper ears, a longer tail, and fuller cheeks. Jerry had bigger ears and prettier features.

By the way, the cult theme melody of Tom and Jerry in 1963, which we hear in the modern film adaptation, first appeared at that time, as well as the title with Tom the cat instead of a lion.

Hanna-Barbera’s The Tom and Jerry Show (1975-1977)

tom and jerry story

Changes have taken place on children’s television. It was decided to prohibit violence in programs intended for children. Early Tom and Jerry only feuded, but with this change, they temporarily became best friends and helped each other. The 7-minute episodes returned to the screens with their own 48 episode show. Jerry now has an accessory, a red bow tie.

Filmation Studios (1980-1982)

tom and jerry timeline

During this period, the original show relaunched with the same tricks. However, the studio changed, then it became Filmation Studios. The decision was also made to bring back other animated characters from the original series. For example, Droopy, Barney Bear, and Spike. This helped make the episodes more interesting and informative.

Tom and Jerry Kids (1990-1994)

tom and jerry cartoon

The “babyification” trend came swiftly and our cartoon had no choice but to join it. Therefore, in the series, it was often possible to notice the children of already beloved heroes with them. By the way, the “Tom and Jerry” cartoonist added Tom also an accessory, a red cap.

Tom and Jerry (2000)

tom and jerry 2000

“Tom and Jerry” has an audience worldwide and has been recognized as one of the most famous and longest-running and most competitive cartoons in American cinema. And both children and adults love to watch all the Tom and Jerry episodes in a row. In 2000, Times magazine named the cartoon one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

Warner Bros.’ (2006-2008) and (2014 – present time)

tom and jerry cartoons

When Tom and Jerry took on this studio plot and the main ideas did not change, the only thing that stood out was the more modern 2D graphics. In 2006-2008, the “Tom and Jerry” timeline was 30 minutes. A total of 13 parts were removed.

In 2014, the cartoon was resurrected for television again. Increasingly, in the series, we can see modern kitchen appliances and gadgets. So we understand that this is a film adaptation of the 21st century.

What is Tom and Jerry?

The heart and soul of each cartoon are its main characters, their temperament, and chemistry between each other. Let’s take a look at each of the characters separately.

Tom in “Tom and Jerry”

tom and jerry makers

The full name of this hero is Thomas James Jasper Patrick. Tom is a typical domestic cat – he loves to sleep for a long time, eat deliciously, show interest in familiar female cats. In addition to feline interests, Tom also shows quite human ones. He is unusually intelligent, versed in cooking, literature, sports. And also, you probably noticed how brilliantly he plays a variety of musical instruments.

Knows how to read, sometimes listens to the radio and watches TV. Our beloved hero also has bad habits. Tom can smoke, and in some episodes, he is drunk. And what a gentleman this cat is concerning to female cats. Surely every little girl watching a cartoon dreamed of such courtship: flowers, gifts, serenades under the window.

By the way, there are only 13 episodes where Tom defeats Jerry. Fun fact! Tom and Jerry eyes is a famous meme on the Internet. You might guess what we are talking about. If you don’t, just Google.

Jerry in “Tom and Jerry”

jerry in tom and jerry

Jerry has similar interests with Tom, they both love to eat well. Even though Jerry’s girls were always different mice, he loved to beat off the girl from Tom. The mouse loves to eat cheese, climb refrigerators, he also loves to relax and sleep. In one of the episodes, we learn that Jerry is a sleepwalker. This little mouse is still a bully.

He often likes to make fun of Tom, even when the cat does not catch him. If Tom is more creative, then Jerry loves to play baseball, tennis, golf, billiards, bowling, and other sports, as well as fishing. Jerry is unusually strong for his size. He can hit or beat Tom hard when he is very angry or cornered. Do you remember when the mouse began to bark like a dog?

Yes, our hero has such a talent. Despite the volatile relationship between Tom and Jerry, the latter often helps out the cat in trouble. The question that worries everyone: “Is Jerry a girl or a boy”? Considering that the mouse’s accessory was a red bow tie, this is a boy. And the controversy, in general, arose because that the name Jerry can be both masculine and feminine. And what do you think? Share in the comments.

We hope that the article was interesting and you learn something new. Thank you for reading to the end. See you soon!

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