Tom and Jerry Movie: The Cartoon Is a Great Thing, the Movie Is a Failure

Tom and Jerry Movie

February 25 – was the Tom and Jerry movie 2021 release date. This is the first time that the characters of the Tom and Jerry full movie were drawn and superimposed on real footage. The idea itself is not new, but it seemed like it could give the characters new life. Did Warner Brothers manage to do so? What came out of the cartoonists’ latest attempt? Let’s try to figure it out.

Tom and Jerry Movie: Brief Overview

The action of the Tom and Jerry movie 2021 takes place in a luxury hotel, where the mouse Jerry moves in. Now, to organize the posh wedding, the hotel employee Kayla has to kick the mouse out, and for this, she needs the most experienced cat, Tom. But Jerry just does not give up so easily and begins a string of incredible adventures and funny situations.

Tim Story (director of the Mission to Miami movie) is the director of the full-length Tom and Jerry cartoons movie, and Kevin Costello is responsible for the script, adapting the famous duo of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera characters. Allison Abbate (she produced such movies as The Lego Movie, Frankenweenie), Christopher DeFaria (the producer of Legends of the Night Guards, Gravity), and Jesse Ehrman are listed as producers of this Tom and Jerry the movie VHS. Cameraman Alan Stewart is responsible for the visuals in the movie. And Tom and Jerry the movie soundtracks were composed by Christopher Lennertz (he composed soundtracks for Smurfs: The Lost Village, My Big Greek Wedding 2, Cats Against Dogs 2: Kitty Galore’s Revenge).

Tom and Jerry Movie Cast

The cast of the film is led by Chloë Grace Moretz, and she is joined in this family comedy by Michael Peña, Rob Delany, Ken Jong, Jordan Bolger, Daniel Adegboyega, and Colin Jost, Pallavi Sharda, Janice Ahern, Ajay Chabra, and other actors. The Tom and Jerry movie release date was set in cinemas nationwide for the twenty-fifth of February 2021.

Tom and Jerry: The Movie Review

Tom and Jerry Review

To be honest, the first images from the trailer of the new Jerry and Tom movie didn’t seem to inspire much enthusiasm or desire to see it. It seemed that the modern CGI, imitating the style of 2D animation, stands out too much against the real locations, which is very confusing to someone who was used to an older version of the cartoon. In short, those who grew up watching the non-stop drawn fights between the indignant cat and the resourceful mouse, will not quickly get used to this. But it is quite obvious that the younger generation of viewers is unlikely to watch all the old Tom and Jerry episodes, but the updated animated version will be more favorably received.

Good Old Characters in a New Cover in the Tom and Jerry Movie

The whole narrative takes of the Tom and Jerry movie 2021 streaming place in a far-fetched and absurd atmosphere. In principle, nothing new for the cat and mouse. You do not believe in the events on the screen at all, you just marvel at the actions of the main characters. But more often, of course, you are perplexed, the characters’ logic is lost from the first minute. But there is no need for that, for this is a children’s movie.

*Attention, plot spoilers.

The plot of Tom and Jerry the movie revolves around the most prestigious hotel in New York, where the wedding of “the cutest couple in the country” in Indian style is to take place. Tom and Jerry are left without a home and have to look for a new place to live. And then the very hotel comes up, where Kayla (Chloe Grace Moretz), a con artist posing like a pro, is helping to organize the festivities. The animal confrontation goes from the street to the hotel, where it is unacceptable. Tom tries to help Kayla catch the insatiable mouse, but in his traditional style: with a bunch of heavy hits to the head and other limbs.

*End of spoilers.

It’s nice that Tom and Jerry didn’t talk on the big screen like they once did in the Tom and Jerry Fast and Furry full movie. The authors kept the characters’ chips and succinctly played them up by communicating with people through gestures. Unfortunately, the “live” characters were not developed in any way. You don’t want to follow them or empathize with them.

We are faced with a set of stamps from “How to Make a Movie”: everything is so standard that it makes you want to cry. The Tom and Jerry movie 2021 cast is not bad, but the director did not care about it. All the attention is concentrated on the cartoon characters. But it’s even good that they are diluted with real characters, otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to watch the whole picture in one go. The plot is so simple and obvious, that it could have been reduced to the 20-minute short film we are all used to. And we are pretty sure it would have looked better.

Tom and Jerry the Movie 2021 Has Its Style, but…

Tom and Jerry the Movie 2021

Watching the trailer, we found the drawing irrelevant and even annoying. Everything changes when you bring the Tom and Jerry movie to the theater. On the big screen, you realize that this visual style suits the picture perfectly. The creators didn’t have to change the images and their animation. You can feel how they worked on their characters. And they treated the original with respect. For this, a clear credit from us!

The soundtracks are perfectly matched to what is happening on the screen. You associate a certain moment with the playing track, and it also adds colorfulness to the picture. You won’t be able to not Shazam some song!

The relentless dynamics of the constantly moving plot delights the eye, it makes the viewer more and more stuck to the screen. We even got those old feelings, as we were watching Tom and Jerry the Fast and the Furry full movie. There are almost no quiet moments here. But! At some point, this “action” gets boring. Because there is no originality in it. You know the whole movie when and what’s going to happen. We are not kidding: if you’ve seen Tom and Jerry, you already know pretty much the entire plot and its twists and turns within the first 15 minutes of the picture. And it’s disappointing. It’s boring to watch something you’ve seen dozens or even hundreds of times.

There are no elaborate traps, no really important characters to the narrative. They’re just filmed on location because it adds to the effect. In front of the viewer, there are already rusted rails, on which the train of old but gold cartoon moves at breakneck speed. And at one point it derails, losing control of what’s going on. Well, there was a lot of the classic humor in Tom and Jerry the movie online, without which Tom and Jerry can not exist.

On the whole, it is hackneyed and monotonous, but makes you smile at a couple of moments. But is it worth the 1.5 hours? We are not so sure. But who certainly can enjoy and watch Tom and Jerry movie 2021, it is the fans of the gags and references. Here WB did their best. For example, we counted at least 9 gags in the novelty, and it’s only direct hints, like the Donkey from Winnie the Pooh, the squirrel from Ice Age, or the favorite technique of the fictional company ACME.

Any Positive Comments about Tom and Jerry Movie Showtime?

Tom and Jerry Movie Showtime

Tom and Jerry: the feature movie balances human and animal storylines, constantly switching from one to the other. As expected, almost all the episodes with live characters turn out to be rather trite and boring, but the presence of Chloe Grace Moretz in the frame smooths out the general awkwardness a bit. Actor Michael Peña confronts her as an annoying manager who doesn’t know anything about trends or how to get along with animals (he’s the one who gets to walk with Spike, the unstoppable bulldog). Their interactions create some moderately comical situations, and all the fantastic and funny moments belong exclusively to Tom and Jerry.

The screenwriters also kept some of the elements that were becoming the basis of the old cartoons. In the new feature film, Tom can play the piano (like in the Tom and Jerry the movie, 1993, or like in the Tom and Jerry Spy Quest full movie). The Tom and Jerry comedy evokes a pleasant nostalgia for the characters, who are truly recognizable in the new film. At times, it seems that too much screen time is allocated for people in the picture — it does not pay off with something witty or exciting, but it is always a joy to come back to the chases between Tom and Jerry after them. The two of them make it a family-friendly film with no age restrictions.


The franchise can only be saved by a total restart. And that is not a fact. It is hard to treat this Tom and Jerry movie HBO Max with maximum skepticism. It is not surprising, but at the same time, it does not discourage viewing. There were hopes for reimagining and originality. However, the authors, alas, failed to do so. They used the maximum amount of clichéd techniques, lazily wedging the cat and mouse into the children’s story.We think young kids might like this Tom and Jerry movie for free online, but older kids may get frustrated and raise a huge number of questions. Going to see Tom and Jerry at the movies won’t lose you anything, but we recommend watching the Tom and Jerry movie on YouTube or finding Tom and Jerry 2021 full movie online free.

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