TOP-5 Basketball Games for Kids

What childhood can be called perfect without any game connected with basketball games? Even those kids that don’t like a five-on-five game with some standard rules will find interesting some other games connected with an all-know orange ball. We will describe the TOP-7 of the most fun youth basketball games all around the world!

After reading this article you or your kid will know what to do with friends outside without using digital stuff.

What are basketball games to play in the world?

basketball games

Most probably you have heard at least one of the games that will be listed in the article because they are well-known in the U.S., U.K., and all the other countries across the planet. Still, we have something to surprise you! Also, we’d like to say there are no first and the least basketball kid games. Let’s start, shall we?


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One of the most popular and kids-favorite basketball games for children is H-O-R-S-E. It is a go-to shooting game. Every player takes his turn and shoot from any position he\she wants, but only before a moment, someone will make a shot. When it happens other players will have to do shooting from the same place.

The most fun thing happens when somebody misses the shot of a first player. After a mishit, the player receives a letter. Those kids that got all 5 letters (H-O-R-S-E) are going out of the game. The last-stand player is the winner of the game.

It is not obligatory to use the word “horse”. You can choose any other funny word for your company, add some extra rules and other things. That is why it has been added to our list of fun basketball games.


basketball kid games

KNOCK OUT is also one of the best basketball shooting games for kids ever. It needs a minimum level of shooting ability or basketball skills but this is an advantage rather than a disadvantage. Because every child can play a game if there is an intention to do so. It can be 2-player basketball games or you can play in 4, 7, 8 and how much as you want playing group.

Before starting the game players must form a free throw line. Two basketballs are also required to start. The first player shoots and if he or she will miss a hit the second player can knock him or her out of the game by making the basket before the first one manages corral to rebound by putting the ball in the basket.


basketball shooting games for kids

It is one of the classical basketball games at school. The game is very close to its Scottish fella. The main goal is to have the lowest score. Player #1 shoots from the point where she or he must make a shot. If there was a success the score will be started from “one”. In case if the player misses all the rest will shoot from the place where they grabbed the rebound. This “hole” will have a score that is similar to the number of shots that needed to be done to make a score.

You need to make the basket for the least hits as you can. The game teaches children how to make a score, how to shoot on different spots and zones. Yeah, fun basketball games for kids can level up skills for the future!


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Do you want to know one of the greatest basketball games for boys all the time?! Here it is – the 21-game! The game starts after the first attempt one of the players to score. All the rest are trying to stop the tries of the first one to make any nice shoot. If the ball was taken by a defender before making a hit this player should “clean up” the ball by throwing it to the three-point line. The defender switches his role with the first player. From that point, the second, the third or any other player (that used to be a defender) can try to make his score.

But why is called 21? The game will ends when one of the players makes his score to that number. There is a 3-point type of system so you will spend a lot of time playing in it with a big company. You can add this one to your TOP list of favorite basketball plays for kids.


fun basketball games

Finally, “Around the world” it is a kind of game in which player must do step by step shots around the court. The game is usually started with a layup. After this goes a position between lay-up and a free throw line, then a free throw. And only after all this goes the spot in which it is around three-point-line. It is one of those fun basketball games which will be more interesting if you make some additional rules.

We added our TOP-5 list with names for basketball play ever invented on planet Earth! Try all of them with your friends! We hope you will like it! Have fun in the game! Get a good score!

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