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Try a Fun Magic Trick for Kids as a Homeschool Exercise: the Paperclip Trick

cool things to make out of paper clips

Ever attempted a magic trick for your children and had them amazing within seconds? Now teach them the magic trick to impress their friends and family! With this cool paper clip trick, I was blown away by my child’s fascination. For them just to comprehend how it all works was great to watch. As they succeed to trick their peers, it will help boost their confidence.

This simple little trick even will aid in development. Understanding how things work, and the mechanism of things is a great place for children to start. Opening their mind to problem-solving and accepting that failure is a part of life.

cool paper clip trick

As a magic trick needs to be performed, pulling off this little stunt will help them grow their self-confidence. They will need to speak up and communicate as they go which is a great skill in itself, and no better time to start than now. How does it work? By friction! It’s all about how the dollar bill is folded, it will connect the two paperclips to one.

If you need a little step-by-step demonstration of how to get yourself going, follow the how-to link or steps below. The link will show you how to connect two paper clips without even touching them. Just goes to show you all the cool things to make out of paper clips! Don’t doubt yourself, and get creative with your child today!

dollar bill paper clip trick
  • First, collect from around the house two paper clips and a dollar bill. If you don’t have a dollar bill lying around, you can use a thin piece of paper about the same size as well.
  • Next, fold your piece of paper into thirds, make sure it is in the form of a “Z” before you fold all the way. By the end of that step, you should have a top, middle, and bottom layer to your folds.
  • Now gently attach your paperclip to your top and middle layer of your folds.
  • Place your second paperclip in the same manner, but now on the middle and bottom layer of the folds. Your paperclip can be next to the other. At this point, your bottom fold is the loose piece left over.
  • Here comes the magic, pull both ends of the dollar bill aware from one another. If you have put your paperclips in the proper placement they will move towards each other. Keep pulling until your clips have met.
  • If successful your clips should join together and pop right off the dollar bill like magic!
  • Teach your child today how to amaze his peers! This trick requires minimal effort and materials to pull it off. Introduce your kiddos to some simple aspects of science like friction! Get creative today with this simple paperclip trick!
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