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Up For a Crafty Weekend with the Kids? Make and Enjoy Some Shadow Art for ids

shadow activities for kids

If you are like me 2020 felt slightly neverending! I gave myself a new challenge for 2021 to be more proactive, less on the phone or television, and just to be with my kids more when I can! My golly has it improved my state of mind. Letting go of the things that I cannot control is just so hard! Seems I am not the only one, that has been in and out of work because of Covid-19.

In the beginning, I felt I had a lot to say and more to fight for. Now that we have had time to adjust to this new world something inside me has settled. Letting go of knowing what will come in the future is the best thing I can tell myself every day! Get outside, get creative, and let go! Try something new and crafty with your cuties this week. Reward yourself with cherishable memories!

Shadow activities for preschoolers work great! With some light guidance to get them going in the right direction, their creativity will blossom. I love this craft so much because it’s best outside in the sunshine. Your kids will learn by activity about shadows!

What you will need

shadow art drawing
  • Some sunny hours during the day
  • A flat surface like pavement or patio
  • Their most favourite toys
  • Paper
  • Pens and markers

How to start them off

  1. Find a nice sunny spot in the yard
  2. Angle the toy of choice in front of the piece of paper, so that the shadow is aligned nicely on the page
  3. Begin by tracing the outline of the toy
  4. Use whichever method you like; pencil felt markers or even paint
  5. Take it the next step and colour in or decorate what you traced

Once you know how to make shadow art, it’s not that hard. Here is another example of how to do it.

What you will need

  • Cardboard
  • Utility knife (NOT for little fingers!)
  • Coloured cellophane
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • Cutting board

Start your shadow art drawing like so

  1. Begin by tracing out different animals or shapes from your online printables or freehand
  2. Trace your shapes with pencil onto your piece of cardboard
  3. Next using your utility knife, cut out where you want the light to shine through in your design. Place a cutting board underneath your project in order not to cut into your working area!
  4. Pop-out your empty spaces of the design
  5. Attach your coloured cellophane to the back of your project with tape, feel free to cut different colours and use a mixture! You can also play with using two colours on top of each other
  6. Put your designs to work! Go outside and see how the shadow radiates beautifully onto the sidewalk in your driveway.

Shadow activities for kids are also a great way to explain to them how shadows work! You can even add in a detail about the first clock, and how we used to use sundials to track time.

Here’s another project to try with shadows. Tinfoil shadow figures!

What you will need

  • Tinfoil
  • Paper
  • Pens or pencils
  • Tape or glue

Here’s how to start

  1. Start building abstract figures from tin foil, make sure they can stand
  2. Attach them to the edge of your page with tape or glue
  3. Take your project outside
  4. Find your figures best shadow
  5. Trace the outline of the shadow that is cast onto the page
  6. Decorate and paint as desired!
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