We Tried the Most Delicious Italian Chocolates in the World! You Must Try It Too!

Some history of Italian chocolate

Many countries are trying to win back and earn the recognition of the chocolate country itself, in which the most delicious, most unusual, highest quality chocolate is made. And while other countries are fighting to win this title, Italy silently and rightfully considers itself the most chocolate country in the world, while not trying to prove anything to anyone.

The history of Italian chocolates dates back to the 16th century. For the first time, it began to be produced in the town of Modica? In Sicily, which at that time was under the protectorate of the Spaniards. By the way, this city is still famous for its chocolate, which is made according to recipes from that time.

How are things with chocolate in Italy today?

best italian chocolate

Italy remains true to its love of chocolate to this day. Italians not only love chocolate, but they are also great at making it. Don’t believe me? To be sure, it is enough to visit the chocolate festival in the city of Perugia, which is held annually in the month. Eating 1 kg of this chocolate unnoticed at this celebration of life is not a problem. Indeed, in total, more than a million guests sweep away 605 tons of chocolate in its various variations.

It is in the city of Perugia that the largest chocolate factory in the country is located. At the sweet festival, everything around is literally covered in chocolate – bolts, figurines, shoes, telephone, watches, candles, spaghetti, pizza – all this can be bought and immediately swallowed this chocolate pleasure.

The idea to create such a festival came from the head of this company after visiting the Oktoberfest in Germany. Inspired by the scale and grandeur of the beer festival, he decided to do something similar. So, since 1993, a chocolate festival has been held annually.

Turin is the chocolate capital of Italy. Here not only are the factories of the cult world brands of chocolate “Ferrero”, “Strello” and “Caffarel” but also the old craft production of chocolate is not forgotten. The people of Turin honor and support centuries-old chocolate traditions. But they do not stop in their development and are open to everything new.

Famous Italian chocolate brands you must try

Italian chocolates
  • “Modica” – classic Italian chocolate, 1 kg of which can be safely bought as a souvenir for friends and family.
  • “Perugina” is the oldest brand of Italian chocolate production.
  • The famous “Perugina Baci” sweets are chocolate classics, individually wrapped in an individual candy wrapper with statements by famous poets and philosophers about love.
  • “Ferrero” is a world-class brand. If you think you haven’t heard of it, just remember the Nutella chocolate spread. This is the product of this particular company.
  • “Venchi” – exclusive “hand-made” chocolates from Italy.

Tips for tourists to find the best italian chocolate

chocolates from italy

Italy is a paradise for those with a sweet tooth. In pastry shops, eyes are simply scattered. It is not surprising that it is easy for a tourist to get confused.

If you find yourself in this beautiful country, do not forget to visit the local shops selling chocolate and the best Italian candy. Visit the town of Prato, home to the world-famous chocolate boutique selling homemade chocolate, handcrafted and following old recipes.

In Florence, visit the Cioccolato Vestri factory, where you will not only be shown the whole process of making chocolate but will also be offered to personally take part in it. By the way, this is the only place where you can taste unique white chocolate with salt and sesame seeds.

In Tuscany, in the valley of the Arno River, there is the famous “Chocolate Valley”, which uses the famous and revered in Italy chocolate factory Amedei, famous for its “Porcelana” chocolates, for the manufacture of which they use a rare variety of Venezuelan white cocoa.

Sweet tooth and cafe lovers will definitely love the “Cabosse Cioccolato boutique”, where, before purchasing sweets, you can taste the goods and drink a mug of hot chocolate or a cup of excellent cappuccino. And the most important thing that I want to say in the end is that there is never too much chocolate. True, this is an excellent remedy for fatigue and stress. There are almost no people indifferent to this delicacy. Therefore, after visiting chocolate Italy, take a look at the city of Perugia. Maybe you can find out what kind of chocolate is the most delicious in the world.

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