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What is LEGO FORMA or Add a Splash of Creativity to Your Day?

lego forma 2019

Since 2018, Lego has been working on LEGO FORMA construction kits for adults. The company has conducted an adult survey. A total of 13,000 people were interviewed. What were the results?

  • 91% of adults said that playing with the construction kits has a positive impact on their own well-being;
  • 87% that Lego construction kits help to be creative;
  • 86% that a game like that makes you feel relaxed;
  • 76% that Lego construction kits are more attractive than other games.

The beauty of nature. The simple pleasure of construction. A thoughtful creative challenge. That’s what LEGO FORMA is all about for adults who need a simple and fun way to get off their daily routine and start creating.

LEGO’s mechanical fish-shaped models are skillfully designed and easy to assemble. Strong rods and details are connected to the adjustable skin of the fish, animating it with movements, colors, and patterns.

Each set contains 294 elements. You will build your own dynamic fish model that reproduces the movement of fish in water. The collected models of sea dwellers will be a perfect addition to the interior of an apartment or office. Just install them on the stand included in the kit.

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