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What Is The Best Drone for Kids

best drone for young kids

Today, drones are used in a variety of fields and have many types and shapes. However, they still bring the pleasure of flight and entertainment to kids and adults. That’s why we decided to choose some of the best drones for kids.

Choosing the good drones for kids can be difficult, because one of the important factors is age, especially since drones can be very expensive, difficult to operate, and quite easily broken. The last thing you would like to do is to buy the top drones for kids, which will break or cripple someone in an hour.

However, the best kids drone can provide a child with a decent experience in training to fly these small aircraft. Be sure to consider the experience your child may already have because if he or she plays a lot of video games, it may be much easier for him or her to get used to flying a copter.

Also, the best quadcopter for kids, ideally with propeller protection, is best suited for younger children. Teenagers, on the other hand, can easily master more high-end versions with advanced functions and larger sizes. In this small rating list, we have selected a number of top-rated drones for kids, which are mainly from the budget segment of the market, which can allow children to learn how to manage safely and without much damage to their finances. While this is primarily an entertainment process, adult supervision is always recommended, especially for younger children. Still, let’s look at the proposed options in more detail.


friendly drone for kids

The mini hexacopter offers construction with six propellers and opens this list. Taking into account its budget and small size, it is impossible to say that more propellers somehow qualitatively influence the capabilities of this model.

However, it is the best drone for young kids to meet almost any needs of beginners, and especially children. The maximum flight time of this copter is 7 minutes, which, of course, is not too long, but at first it will be quite enough. Friendly to beginners, this drone offers a headless mode, which will simplify flight management.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to capture the views of the trajectory of your flight, as the camera is not supported by this model. Although, given the same small size, this is not surprising. In general, this is the best drone for children of the simplest models available on the market today.

Pilotage Butterfly RC61124

top drones for kids

The next model is the Pilotage Butterfly RC61124, which is the best-rated drone for kids in the category of quad-copters, with all its appearance suggests that it is designed for children. It is even more compact in the overall dimensions of the mini drone, which resembles the shape of a butterfly.

Due to this design, propellers are located at the bottom of the drone, the protection of which simultaneously acts as a kind of support for its landing. Despite the size of this model is very compact, it received a slightly more powerful battery, allowing it to fly for 8 minutes. It only takes half an hour to charge.

In terms of functionality, this drone looks like a much more interesting option. In addition to the simplified headless mode, it also offers such a nice little thing as automatic take-off and landing.

Silverlit Speed Glider

best kids drone

Naturally, since we have a butterfly drone designed for girls, there should also be the best kids drones for boys, such as the Silverlit Speed Glider. From the first glance at this model, you may not even realize that it is a quadrocopter.

However, just like the previous model, this drone has four propellers facing downwards, and protection that also serves as anchor points. In terms of dimensions, it is slightly larger than the “butterfly”, however, still belongs to the mini category. The most interesting thing about this model is that you will be able to control it in two different modes, controlling it like an ATV or an airplane.

The maximum flight time, in this case, is 5 minutes with a range of 30 meters, and the battery will only take 45 minutes to charge. The figures are quite sufficient, especially if in most cases the child will have fun at home. The main thing is not to break anything. Four spare propellers are also included.

Skytech TK108HW

top rated drones for kids

If you want to buy the best kid-friendly drone, still considering only the budget segment, you will surely not be disappointed, because it is full of worthy offers. And one of them is a Skytech TK108HW quad-copter, which looks much more familiar and has a slightly wider functionality than the previous representatives of this rating list. In terms of size, it also seems a little larger. It also has propeller protection and a barometer sensor. The maximum flight time is 7 minutes with a range of 30 meters.

We praised this model for its functionality, so it is worth focusing on it in a little more detail. For example, control here is not only through radio transmission, but also via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. And in addition to the headless mode, you will also have a one-click return and first-person-view (FPV). Yes, yes, that’s right, this copter supports an external camera, which comes with a 2 MP resolution.

Silverlit Selfie Drone

best kid friendly drone

This aircraft is one of the best quadcopters for kids in the budget category. Well, based on the name we can guess that it is also equipped with a camera, only this time built into the drone body. This solution will allow children to enjoy the flight while capturing stunning images. By the way, the camera resolution is 1280×720 pixels. The drone looks very attractive and even a little futuristic on the outside, especially due to the angular protection of the propellers. Its useful features include the ability to follow an operator.

Due to its small size, this model is quite fast and maneuverable, allowing you to enjoy the flight even indoors, but you will have to be more careful in control. The maximum flight time is 5 minutes with a range of 30 meters. This model is most suitable for those who want to test the results of video and photos obtained from a conventional bird’s-eye view before switching to more professional versions.

In this article, of course, we did not cover all the cool and popular drones for kids, but we did give you an exact direction to search. Perhaps your child dreams of becoming a pilot, and his own aircraft is a dream gift?

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