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What Is The Best Education System In The World? Top 10 World Best

Getting an education is an important part of the life of a person, who wants to achieve great heights and be competitive. Today we will look at the list of the best school system in the world, which contains the countries with the most prestigious and best educational institutions and schools. I hope this article will help you decide on the choice of the country, in which you would like to and have the opportunity to enter. I also ask you not to dwell only on the proposed options, but also to listen to your own heart. It will tell you where it is better to go. So, our top 10 best education systems in the world will start a very technologically advanced and prosperous country.

South Korea

best school system in the world

The fact is that it is very difficult to decide whom to give the first place in the list since two countries apply for it at once – South Korea and Japan. Let’s see why South Korea is in the lead. The school system is slightly different here and it is the best school system in the world. Imagine, children go to school seven days a week. Also, the largest indicator of the level of thinking of people is in South Korea. It should be noted, that the literacy rate of the entire population is striving for a staggering result – it is 97.9%, of which 99.2% are men and 96.6% are women. GDP per capita in South Korea in 2019 was $ 28,606 and this confirms that education in South Korea is the best education in the world.


best education systems japan

The second place of honor on our list of best school systems in the world is Japan.

Education in Japan is about a high quality, technologies, innovations, and robotics, as evidenced by the cutting-edge research and development of Japanese companies. The Japanese government is committed to supporting the influx of international students by increasing the number of English-language programs and providing additional support. Five Japanese universities are in the top 100 in the international QS rankings.


best school systems in the world

The education system in the United States has long traditions and well-established canons, but, despite this, it is recognized as the most democratic. The United States does not have a unified education system.

Decentralization is the most characteristic feature of the American education system. The US education system has 4 classical stages – these are preschool, primary, secondary and higher education. Moreover, higher education in the United States is one of the best education systems in the world in 2019 and has its own additional system, which has its own characteristics in each state.


world education system

The education system in Switzerland corresponds to its political structure. The powers of the center are significantly limited by the regions. It would be more logical to talk about 26 completely independent education systems in Switzerland, linked by common principles. Each canton of Switzerland has a separate education system, but it is still in the top five of the world education system, and the quality of educational services and their availability are guaranteed by the federal government.

The Swiss Constitution proclaims universal compulsory secondary education for all citizens from 6 to 16 years old, guarantees the availability and free education in the country, and is also responsible for the correspondence of diplomas by type and level of education of various cantons to each other and at the same time it is the hardest education system in the world, so think carefully before applying to the university.


best school system

Denmark is a vivid example of the so-called “Scandinavian socialism” and a country in the top 10 of the world’s best education systems. Against the background of complete well-being and impressive social guarantees, many areas of life are under tight government control. This includes education. Therefore, studying in Denmark is possible only at a state university, since there are simply no private universities of this rank, and also Denmark has one of the best school systems.


  • No entrance exams;
  • Opportunity to get an education even with a low GPA;
  • Large selection of English-language programs;
  • The diploma and the awarded degree are recognized by all European countries.


the best education in the world

Singapore is one of the most progressive countries in East Asia, which harmoniously combines the cultural values ​​of the East and a high European standard of living. It has everything that is necessary for student life – inexpensive food, open markets and fairs, beaches, a lot of sun, and, of course, prestigious educational institutions. That’s why Singapore has one of the best education systems in the world.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Singaporean education among international students is cost. It is significantly lower than in the USA or Europe, while the quality is not inferior to European – this confirms that Singapore has the best education system in the world. Accommodation of a foreigner in this country will also be much cheaper than in other countries. Typically, monthly living costs range from $ 1,200 to $ 3,000.


world best education systems

Do you want to know what is the best education system in the world? I can tell you right away – the educational system of Sweden. Higher education in Sweden ranks well in international rankings; Swedish universities are in the top 200 universities on the planet. The flagship universities in Sweden are: University of Gottenburg, Stockholm University, Royal Institute of Technology, and Lund University.

It should be noted that one of the advantages of studying in Sweden is the availability of more than 600 English-language programs. Despite the introduction of paid education in 2010, the government of the country and the universities themselves provide a sufficient number of scholarships and grants for international students. The best education in the world, right?

United Kingdom

best school systems

The next country on our list with the best educations in the world is the UK.

The United Kingdom is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, with a huge historical and natural heritage. High quality of teaching. A British diploma or certificate is highly regarded by employers around the world. Reviews and statistics show that 93% of international students are happy with their experience of studying in England. Also in the UK, it should be noted that there is the best schooling system in the world.

15% of Nobel laureates are graduates of educational institutions of this particular country since the UK has the best primary education in the world. Prominent politicians such as Margaret Thatcher, Mahatma Gandhi, and Bill Clinton studied in Britain.


the best education system in the world

Canada is one of the best countries to live in the world and it has the best and worst education systems in the world, thanks to a stable economy, developed society, first-class urban infrastructure, and stunning nature.

Education in Canada is especially popular for foreigners. This is a simple way of immigration through obtaining a Canadian qualification, in other words, the world’s best education system diploma.

Therefore, we want to share with all the children and parents the features, advantages, and pitfalls of Canadian education are.


  • The standard of living is the highest, and the prices for education and accommodation for foreigners will sometimes be lower than, for example, in the USA or Great Britain;
  • Multicultural society. The diversity of people from different cultures will make the student body unforgettable;
  • Best public school systems in the world;
  • Studying takes place in French or English. By the way, we want to note that Canada is one of the leading countries in language teaching in the world.


what is the best education system in the world

I think you may still be wondering what is the best school system in the world? I have something to answer you even this time. Finland has a high level of education. The difference in results between schools is negligible, and almost all students graduate on time. Preparatory education, secondary education, and upper secondary education are free of charge, further education in most cases is also free. It is assumed that everyone, regardless of the family’s income level, should have equal opportunities in order to receive a quality education and become active citizens of the country. The education system includes preschool education, preparatory education, best elementary education in the world, secondary education, and higher education. Special education is provided for adults. Within adult education, there are many learning options, from mastering a high school curriculum to graduating.

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