What Kind of Sweets do Children Like

the best sweets for kids

Perhaps many people know that virtually all babies love sweets. It’s interesting why kids love sweets so much.

The main reason for this is that adults who themselves madly love sweets accustom their children to this delicacy. Candy, for example, can act in this family as a reward for an act.

Scientists say that a child who once tasted a sweet will ask for it again and again.

This can be explained by the fact that sweets affect the production of a hormone called serotonin which together with endorphin are the hormones of happiness. Children need sweets when they are in a state of psychological discomfort and when he or she is in a bad mood they. This fact has been proved by numerous scientific studies conducted by the best specialists.

In addition, the sweet taste that a certain food has is a sign of high caloric value and that the body can easily absorb it. There is a natural desire in our body to eat such food which will then be spent sparingly. It’s very difficult sometimes to refuse sweets that are publicly available.

It is interesting that honey and fruits cannot completely replace sugar. Even medical experts have recently tried to recommend eating sugar as it nourishes our brain better than any other food. But the recommended daily sugar rate is very low and only 10% of the total calories. It will never be a “white death” if eaten in moderation. Sugar is a valuable source of beneficial energy and glucose. It is in the sweet that contains a huge amount of energy which is very important for children because they move all the time.

There are various recipes for sweets that amaze with their shapes and all kinds of content like cakes, cake, chocolate, candy, sweet baked goods, and much more. It is important only to remember that you should not abuse the delicacies, as it can harm the health of your baby.

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