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What to Make With Play-Doh

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Play-Doh is a classic and wonderful go-to activity. Do your kiddos need a new challenge or are they wondering what to make? Here we will unpack some cool things to make with play-doh. For young children, Play-Doh is strengthening and improving the dexterity in their fingers. It opens their minds to the world of creative possibilities.

For kids, it’s great to develop and strengthen their fingers, as this is where we write, draw and create. As you introduce Play-Doh to your child, give them a ball of it and place it in front of them. Then without making any rules about what is right and wrong, just allow them to play and see what happens. Let their intuition flourish. Most simply this is how to play with play-doh, and just let your child’s creative genius grow.

A great rule of thumb is to observe, wait and listen. While you observe your child playing, be mindful not to say anything. Notice where they poke and prod the dough, see what they are interested in. Then wait until your child makes an action or asks a question. I think that simply not showing your child how to play, will strengthen their intuition and creativity. Once you have listened to his or her ideas about what they will make, then join the play.

games to play with playdoh

Need some ideas of things to make with playdough? Keep reading and if you need more help, click the links as you go for more of a step-by-step process. The list of activities for Play-Doh is endless. You can create using templates or printables from the internet. This is a great homeschool activity to get your child to visually and kinesthetically learn new concepts. For example, you can take a printout of numbers and then have them make Play-Doh numbers to go along with the printout. I think the best way is to gather a bunch of items or toys from around the house to use for your Play-Doh session, and just let your child go wild!

What You can do with Play-Doh

There is an abundance of fun things to do with play-doh. Choose a theme for the day and run with it. Take items from around the house that you can press into your playdough, try with items from the kitchen, like a ravioli cutter or even just a fork. Allow your child to make conceptual art! Mix a few colors into a ball, whirl it in your hand until you have something that looks like a planet. Roll it out with a rolling pin and you have a perfectly new marbled color! You could even shred up some playdough to make it into spaghetti, to mimic different classic dishes. Play-Doh tacos, hot dogs, pasta you name it. I find going for sculptures of animals can be tricky, for a specific animal I would look up how to do it step by step. For a super fast and simple idea try snakes, just roll out the dough and spiral it into a long python. You could even make Play-Doh jewelry. Twirl up different colors to make a variety of necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. As you get creative just be mindful that the play dough isn’t consumed, it’s common for kids to want to taste it as it’s colorful and tempting. Especially as preschoolers are still exploring by putting things in their mouths, I recommend using homemade Play-Doh.

cool play doh ideas

Here are some play-doh games and activities if you’re in search of inspiration. For your little ones they can; flatten it with hands or rolling pin, poke and prod to make designs, rolling balls, rolling it into snakes, cutting into different forms, or cutting with cookie cutters. You can even have them hide coins inside the play dough, and just watch as they enjoy ripping the whole thing apart after.

There are many games to play with playdough, and a lot of them have great developmental benefits for children. Pushing, kneading, and playing can help their fine-tuned motor development. It strengthens the arms and shoulders and preps them for what will come in the years of kindergarten. Most cool play-doh ideas incorporate a lot of hand-eye coordination, which will develop as they keep creating. It’s also known as visual-motor coordination. The connection between what the eye sees and how the hands coordinate. Engage today in some fun Play-Doh activities with your kiddos!

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