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Why Parents Are Gluing Pennies To Shoes For Kids?

pennies on bottom of shoes

For what reason do parents glue pennies to the bottom of shoes for their kids? We found some cool information and a life hack for parents that will make your kid’s steps tapping with the sound of pennies!

Pennies On Shoes: Why Is Made For?

gluing pennies to shoes

Why glue pennies to shoes if you are a parent? We found two possible reasons why parents glue pennies to the bottom of the shoes. The first one comes from the process of logical thinking:

  • Parents take pennies and stick them to children’s shoes so they could hear the steps of their beloved ones to control where are they. Obviously, the noisy sound of coin generally made out of copper and copper is noticeable. You can hear the specific sound of clinking.
  • You can use pennies to create special shoes for tapping dance in several minutes, saving some cash (you won’t buy specific shoes because you already have adapted usual ones).
  • Parents want to give a child a new “toy” to play with. Kids adore making noise from various types of objects, especially from those you even couldn’t imagine.

Parents Gluing Pennies to Shoes For Tapping Dance: Life Hack to Save Money

The mainstream began with one creative mom who recognized a need and made up a simple and cheap way to solve such an issue. What is the dilemma of buying shoes for dance? Tap dance shoes are not those with some small price – they won’t cost you a few pennies! Generally, such a pair of shoes will cost you $30-40. That’s why that mom determined to find an easy way from the situation. It is good that she eventually has found it!

How You Can Do It By Yourself?

Simply, glue pennies on the bottom of shoes for a kid so he or she could tap all day long or during dancing classes. We recommend you choose a pair of shoes that your child wears rarely.

Do You Want Additional Tips?

why glue pennies to shoes
  1. Use two-four drops of glue for each penny;
  2. You will need to wait a few minutes so the glue could make its magic trick!
  3. Apply the proper number of coins (it depends on the size of the children’s feet). For example, you can glue 5 coins on the top of the bottom of the shoes for each one, and glue 4 coins on the end of the bottom of the shoes for each one). Additionally, you should add some pennies in the middle. The main thing is to make shoes tapping with the sound of coins!
  4. You can paint pennies with some cool colors that your child likes most of all.
  5. You can apply tape but it won’t sound as good as it would sound with glue.
  6. Don’t overweight shoes with a too large amount of pennies on the bottom of them.
  7. Change the coins regularly to keep integrity.

Thank you so much for reading this article! Remember that kids like the most stuff you make with your hands! Creativity and fun – this makes you and your children be closer and closer every day!

Don’t Be Shy! Do It!

Parents are doing this all over the world! So don’t be shy! Do it for the first time among your neighbors and maybe they will do the same! The main thing about such an activity is to make your kid happy. Have fun and stay safe! Wish you to spend your free time more with kids!

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