Samurai Jack Episodes: The Main Characters, Episodes, Plot, and Ending of the Series

The animated series “Samurai Jack” is one of the few animated series completely created on the basis of flash technology. The series was released by Cartoon Network in 2001, Samurai Jack creator Genndy Tartakovsky. The series was shown in 2001-2004. From all other similar works, the series “Samurai Jack” is distinguished by a very clear elaboration of details, the logic of the plot, and cinematic presentation. The Samurai Jack series was immediately loved by everyone. Fans of this series began to make samurai jack memes.

Main Characters

Samurai Jack

The main title character of the animated series. The son of the Emperor, he was born shortly after Aku was locked up by Jack’s father. Jack demonstrates the characteristics of a classic hero. He is always kind and generous, and always tries to help those in need, as well as send wisdom to those whom he considers in need of guidance. He often sacrifices the opportunity to return to his own time to help someone else.

Aku Samurai Jack

Aku is the main character’s opponent. This is a dark clot of matter that can take different forms and change its appearance. Aku decided to take over the earth, and it is the main character who is tasked with stopping him.

Ashi Samurai Jack

Ashi is Aku’s child of darkness, as well as the main character’s love interest. Ashi has a special character trait that distinguishes her from her sisters: she is curious, which has been shown more than once during their children’s training sessions. Thanks to this, she became an excellent strategist. At first, Ashi tried to defeat the main character, but after Samurai Jack and Ashi began to fight together

Samurai Jack Episodes and Plot

In total, the series has 5 seasons and 62 episodes. The series of “Samurai Jack” is only 20 minutes long. But during these short intervals, Genndy Tartakovsky manages to create surprisingly dramatic episodes.

The main character wants to stop Aku and is looking for portals. This is all you need to know about the central plot, which serves only as an excuse for adventures. Otherwise, you can watch the series from almost any place, because each episode is dedicated to a separate little story. If you compare TV series with books, “Samurai Jack” is not a novel, but a collection of short stories. Or, if you like, short films united by a common hero.

There is a minus in this — not everyone will watch for four seasons how the hero does not get an inch closer to the goal. But for an on-air TV series, which not everyone can watch from the beginning, this is also a plus. Turn on any series, and you will immediately find yourself in the thick of the action.

It is impossible to get confused in the plot of “Samurai Jack”. Each episode begins with a brief explanation of the main idea: samurai jack enemy the dark lord Aku enslaved medieval Japan. A young samurai with a magic katana challenged him to a duel and almost already won, but Aku cheated: he dragged his opponent through a portal into the distant future. Thus, the samurai disappeared for thousands of years, during which Aku calmly took over the world. Now the samurai, who received the nickname Jack in the dark future, must find a similar portal and return to his native feudal times to prevent this very future.

Samurai Jack Comic

Samurai Jack Comic

The monthly series of comic’s Samurai Jack tells about the travels of the main character. The comic book series tells about a samurai without a name who takes the name Jack and travels to the past to defeat a tyrannical demon. The comic book series continues the 4th season of the series of the same name on Cartoon Network. Comics capture the reader no less than the series, and all the adventures of Jack cannot leave anyone indifferent

Samurai Jack Real Name

Jack is partly inspired by the «man without a name» from the Sergio Leone western trilogy. Therefore, his real name is a secret. It has never been named in the series, and it is unlikely that it will ever be named. With some certainty, we can only say that he does not have a last name. At least, it does not happen to Japanese princes.

Samurai Jack Armor

In the fifth season, Jack’s image changes. He lost the only weapon that can kill the samurai jack enemy Aku and therefore the main character lost faith in his strength. The armor gives Jack a new look, which makes the character even more interesting for the viewer.

Samurai Jack Ending

Samurai Jack season 5 was conceived as the last season. Samurai Jack season 5 finally arrived in 2017, telling a darker, more introspective story than the original episodes. The new season took place 50 years after the end of season 4, and Jack was faced with the need to unite – and subsequently fall in love with Aku’s daughter, Ashi.

Why Was Samurai Jack Canceled?

Why Was Samurai Jack Canceled?

On March 12, 2017, the final season of the animated series “Samurai Jack”, the production of which was suspended in 2004, started showing on the Cartoon Network TV channel. According to the creator, he planned from the very beginning that Jack’s adventures would have a closed ending. But after Cartoon Network released four seasons of the show, neither the channel nor its creator knew how to finish it. Then the animator decided to stop working on the show.

We believe that the Samurai Jack series is excellent, from animation to plot. This animated series can be watched by children and adults. An animated series can be both funny and serious. Each character is different from the other. The plots of each series are diverse. In this animated series there are samurai, robots, aliens, and time travel. Everyone can find something different in Samurai Jack.

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