You Must See This! We Found the Secrets of Delicious Roast Marshmallows

Hello, sweet teeth!

Wondering how to roast marshmallows? Today we are going to tell you about the properties of roasted marshmallows. Where do these sweets come from and how do they get their right roasted with incomparable taste. Interesting? Read More.

So, what is roast marshmallow?

roasted marshmallow

The word «marshmallow» has a funny story. The name of the sweet is borrowed from the plant «marshmallow» – medicinal marshmallow. Fashion for cooking these airy yummy came to us from the USA: how everyone liked to watch American kids in the movies, who string these sweets on a thin twig, turn it over the fire, and then eat a white viscous mixture with a tremendous appetite.

How to roast a marshmallow over the fire to make an unforgettable taste?

At first glance, to fry marshmallows, you do not need to try too much. But, in order to fry marshmallows on a fire deliciously and at the same time not spoil anything, you still need to know a couple of secrets.

If everything is done correctly, then the sweet kebab really turns out to be very tasty. In fact, not marshmallows, which we all know very well, are fried, but marshmallows. Their difference is that in the composition of marshmallows there is no apple ingredient and eggs, or rather protein. That is why it perfectly tolerates high temperatures and does not burn over an open fire.

So, what do you need for perfectly roasted marshmallows?

perfectly roasted marshmallow

The first step, of course, is gathering friends near the fire. Then you have to take a twig or skewer to roast marshmallows over a fire. Gently put the marshmallows on it and hold it over the flame, or even better over the coals. In no case should marshmallows be dipped directly into the fire! Rotate the marshmallows until the piece is browned on all sides. When it starts to grow right before our eyes and gets a caramel crust, you can remove it from the heat, cool it a little, and eat it straight from the stick – the outside of your sweet is baked and browned, but inside it becomes very soft and tender, with a caramel-vanilla flavor incomparable with anything! Don’t forget to share with a friend!!!

Want a sweet kebab, but have no time to go to a picnic? Not a problem!

marshmallow roasted

There are many other ways of marshmallow roasting! Actually, you can use absolutely any fire for frying: a grill, a bonfire, or even a fireplace, for example.

Marshmallows can be melted to a delicate creamy state in the oven or microwave on the grill mode, just a few minutes!

You can do the same even with candles at home! In my opinion, it turns out a good evening, in the company of friends or a loved one.

One more tip: never do not try to roast marshmallows in a pan. It’s a really bad idea. Because you can forget about your air dessert since the marshmallow will melt and boil to the bottom.

Is marshmallow roasted badly for you?

In conclusion, let’s talk about the dangers or benefits of marshmallows. Of course, like any sweetness, marshmallows are high in calories. But there are no amino acids or creatine in your marshmallow roast. If you like to pamper yourself with something tasty, be quiet and do not deny yourself such satisfaction.

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