YouTube Kids: For the Joy of Parents! Best YouTube Videos for Kids

YouTube Videos for Kids

Seeing a modern child with a smartphone or tablet in his hands is quite common. Grandparents are amazed that the baby can’t talk/walk/read yet, but already pokes at something on the screen. For parents, such children’s leisure – is an opportunity to carve out some time for themselves, because babies usually require a lot of attention, and sometimes you can not even drink tea quietly.

Nevertheless, we all understand that the World Wide Web is a resource, primarily aimed at the adult user. Children’s content, of course, is available, and more and more of it appears every day (demand breeds supply), but the problem of protecting your child from unwanted information remains open. To this end, Google has decided to launch a service that will help children use a safe video service, and parents – to be safer for their children.

All over the world, YouTube Kids has been successfully working for several years, and we should admit that it enjoys quite high popularity. For 4 years of existence, “kids YouTube” became available in more than 60 countries, and among the first countries was the United States.

So it’s time to talk about what is YouTube Kids, how it works, and whether you and your child need these kids` YouTube videos.

What YouTube Kids Is and How It Works?

As we mentioned above, YouTube Kids is almost the same as YouTube, only it is aimed at preschoolers and elementary school children. And this becomes clear from the moment the application is launched – the user is greeted by a small cartoon splash screen with funny characters. In fact, the whole interface is made in accordance with its target audience – everything is bright, colorful, and quite cheerful.

In order to start using the service, you need to log in through your Google account. As you might expect, during the initial introduction, Google will briefly introduce the user to the service and explain the basic features of the service. The parent will then be prompted to create a children’s account, in which the child’s name and age must be entered. The latter is necessary so that the system can filter content for the appropriate age group. You will also be prompted to select an avatar from the existing images or upload a photo of your child. Already at this stage, you can start using the YouTube Kids videos service. The resource divides the available content into 4 categories: Shows, Music, Learnings, and Explore. And, based on the name of the categories, it’s already clear what kids` videos on YouTube can be found in this or that section. It should be noted that there is a lot of American content on the service, whether it be cartoons, children’s songs, or general educational videos.

However, before you give the device to your child, it is still worth going through the settings and selecting the format of use that you think is appropriate for your toddler.

What Platforms Is the YouTube Videos for Kids` Service Compatible With?

YouTube Kids can be installed not only on smartphones or tablets that run on Android or iOS. YouTube Kids is also available for installation on game consoles and Smart-TV set-top boxes, including Google Chromecast and Apple TV. But even if you’re using a mobile device, it’s possible to display the image on a big screen – a monitor or TV.

Setting YouTube for Kids Videos

Setting YouTube for Kids Videos

The YouTube Kids app has a full set of settings. This set allows you, as a parent, to control the quality of the content and the time that your child will spend on the resource. Let’s talk a little more about the key points.

Search for YouTube Videos Kids

Even though the content for children’s service is selected rather carefully (but unfortunately not thoroughly), parents have an opportunity to allow or prohibit their child to search for videos through the search engine. If banned, only those videos that are on the main page will be available for viewing. Speaking of search. Even if the search is enabled, the system still filters search queries automatically. Questionable or age-inappropriate queries will be politely rejected.


Everything is clear here. You can set a timer (from 1 to 60 minutes), during which the resource viewing will be available. When the time expires, the child will see a message that their session is over.

Access Code

You can set a numeric password that protects the settings you select from being changed. If no access code is set, the system will ask you to memorize the multiplication table and write the answer to a simpler problem before accessing certain settings. Such simple protection from children who do not know how to multiply. But this trick won’t help you keep the older kids at bay.

Allowed Content

This feature allows parents to select quite carefully those videos and channels that the child is allowed to watch. For example, you want your child to watch only kids learning videos on YouTube, so you can filter that. The filtering process of appropriate content may take all evening, but later you can be sure that your child will be better protected from YouTube kids bad videos.

Setting Up the Background and Offline Mode

In this part, you can specify how the service will work without an Internet connection, as well as select the default video quality.

“Baby” Settings

Customization is available not only for adults, but also for young users of the service. For them, of course, the range of functions is much more modest. Here the child can choose whether he or she wants background music and sound effects, and can also clear the search history or set his or her own password, which is convenient if several kids are using the video resource on the same device.

What Is Important to Remember When Working with Children’s Services?

Top-5 Best YouTube Videos for Kids

Google really tried to create a convenient, and most importantly – a safe resource for the youngest users of the Internet. But despite all the efforts, the company is simply not able to fully protect children from unwanted and unsafe kids` videos on YouTube. And the point here is not that the service has poor support, but that the flow of inappropriate downloaded content is great. This applies to clickbait and potentially dangerous videos that fake themselves as popular cartoons or game videos. In addition to having no cognitive or entertaining function, such content may contain scenes of violence or other negative information for children’s development.

Such videos, unfortunately, are created everywhere, by users from all over the world. Google algorithms are not so perfect to completely exclude such videos. In this connection, the company has experienced more than one scandal and actions of large-scale purges, as a result of which not only videos are removed from the service, but also channels with a multimillion audience completely.

All this shows that the responsibility for what your child sees and perceives lies not with the creators of children’s resources, but solely with the parents. YouTube Kids is designed to help parents control the flow of information intended for children, but it can’t completely block out unwanted content. And that’s important to keep in mind. But you do have the option to help the service fight malicious videos with the complaint feature. Well, or you can simply block these kinds of videos for your child.

Top-5 Best YouTube Videos for Kids

  • TED-Ed.
  • Ryan’s World.
  • Kids Learning Tube.
  • HiHo Kids.
  • ​​Maddie Moate.

Whatever it is, YouTube Kids is a fairly convenient and functional cross-platform service. It is primarily designed to help adults who care about their child’s leisure time. With Kids YouTube, you have the ability to control what your child watches and listens to. Even when you are not sitting behind their back.

Because the video service has a colorful interface, cute cartoon characters, and pleasant background music, kids are likely to like the kids’ format more than the boring adult one. The resource is really useful, but you should not rely entirely on its capabilities.

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